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Welcome to the sporting life with jeremy shop over the next hour one of baseball's leading experts explains why fans should blame players for the pace of play issue if there was more action on the field i think fans would be fine with the length of gate here's aren't putting the ball in play anywhere near as much as they used to and when they do put the ball in play in a game that is very much driven by strikeouts walks in homer's is not that entertain the author tony castro reveals more than we've ever known about the rocky relationship between two yankee legends all these people with on a tour of japan and on the ship going over there for a while derek couldn't find his wife any winds at finding a loose sweep plus we continue our get to know espn radio series with jason fitz who traded in his spittle for microphone i was touring at the time with a really successful country band the band perry and the number one song and pop and country and i came onto my wife one day and said you know what i'm good at what i do network whole life to do it but i don't love it he said advised one hundred year friends which do love what would the answer be and i said sports this is the sporting life on espn radio and the espn app here's jeremy shop welcome to another edition of the sporting life it was almost a hundred years ago that george herman ruth and henry louis gary came teammates playing for the great yankees teams of the nineteen twenties nineteen thirties now a new book has been published that sheds light on their often rocky relationship that's coming up later in the show but first soccer of course is the world's game and there's always a search on for the next great superstar in soccer and that searches taken our next guest sebastian cabot all over africa and parts of the middle east europe is well he is the author of the new book the away game the epic search for soccer's next superstars and he joins us now sebastien you've been a reporter in the middle east bureau chief for the associated press you've been covering the real world what brought you to.

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