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Nine, fifty w w, w w j auto beat reporter Jeff. Gilbert tells us it's another sign China, is getting, interested in self, driving vehicles China's very congested at, automated vehicles could. Be a, way to ease congestion autocratic style of government could also allow the technology to be deployed faster with fewer. Lawsuits that's attracting the interest of car and tech, companies even as Google remains out, of the, China market itself. Driving arm Waymo is setting. Up a subsidiary in China Jeff Gilbert. W w j go nine fifty racing on the river, take two after. Being postponed yesterday due to high winds. The one hundred, second running of the. Spirit of Detroit hydro fest Gold Cup races, along the Detroit, river finally got underway today event. Director Mark Webber speaking on WW Jay says it wasn't really the rain that made that decision easy to cancel it yesterday it rained actually we got wet around ten ten thirty and and we had a few showers that blew out but the wind just came here nothing we could do, so the races went on today as. Opposed to Saturday and the hometown boy Andrew. Tate of walled lake and a graduate of Plymouth high school he took. The checkered flag of the Gold Cup race he's a fourth generation powerboat racer his father. Mark Tate also a former winner of that race, in Detroit meantime thunder over Michigan wrapping up today at willow run. Airport Kevin Walsh says it's a great show Oh and it, starred the US air force Thunderbirds e exemplify everything about the Arab, and that that maintain and and fly these aircraft their performances nothing like, you'll see anywhere else their. Crowd favorite that's the simplest way to put it it was the only chance to see, the Thunderbirds perform, live in Michigan this year w w j news time nine twelve a statewide tour to help. College students registered to vote voter. Registration drive crisscrossing the. State from southeast Michigan to the upper peninsula Michigan secretary of state Ruth Johnson, says it all kicks off September fourth at Oakland community college in. Auburn Hills students will be able to register to vote. Ask questions and take care, of any other, secretary of. State business the deadline to register to vote in the, November sixth general. Election is October eighth that Fisher w. W j NewsRadio, nine fifteen time most Michigan residents think the state's current school funding system. Is broken and needs to be fixed to make sure all students are getting a fair, shots at a good education but as. We, hear from WW Jay's Greg Bowman that's the finding of a new statewide study Oakland school superintendent Dr Wanda cook Robinson is a member of. The school finance research collaborative which has been studying. The question of how much it costs. To educate a child in Michigan for the past two years that base number is. Ninety five ninety every child, in the,.

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