Easter, Russia, Nissan discussed on Safety Blitz with Rodney Harrison


National titles overcoat your candidate for awards anyway mel by the way his tough three matt campbell jeff tedford lane given i liked the tedford selection for was horrible mention all right good stuff hey great to be with the guys and i'll take care about our s by the way cd you know i mean as we sit we watch games in the after have you seen the 330 easter lineup that we're going to be with you listen to this 330 because mel chicken and and cd and i we sit and we just watch what ball when we're not on the air 330 penn state ohio state georgia florida tcu iowa state nc state notredame that's all three thirty i'm gonna give you a little love and little little little little criticism here but first of all a total amount of total time and time again i wrote a georgia a look it's florida georgia f comes before g it is always florida georgia and secular i put the better team first that's my iranian stress side with by cohosts love of this because whose what's closer to jacksonville gainesville or athens or what's what detectable info though secondly i will give him praise the the guy is the greatest coordinator of games now in the studio we have atvs this dude has perfect line every single week of where each game should be in in in the in the minutes is something that a question for you was closer to charlotte columbia south carolina or chapel hill north carolina it's it's colombia by an an an hour exactly chris let's see i don't get the we got a lot of north carolina when they play that yet yes such as automatic but i hear i would say i would go georgia versus florin kit location has nothing to do i will never heard of the bell because i know he knows talent i mean the guy knows we talk about he had me ready to go in the third or fourth round of set of time ago i wish he would have been right the other guy ibn right chris i know nothing else the that's what a nissan highest heisman houses back russia over to nissan eisman house dot com for more eisman house coming up why mel is still celebrating two days after.

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