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Louisiana is bracing for yet another strong hurricane just six weeks after Laura came ashore, devastating large portions of the Southwest. Forecasters say Hurricane Delta is churning in the Gulf of Mexico is a dangerous Category two Storm the mayor of Lafayette Parish, Guillory is urging folks to avoid driving in these conditions. Best thing we can do for our first responders for farming for police officer sheriff's deputies. For utility workers trying to get power back up and running. Best thing we can do stay off the roadways unless it's an absolute emergency. Hurricane Delta is expected to make landfall tonight in the same area of southwest Louisiana. Where scores of homes and businesses are already damaged. Delta is expected to weaken somewhat as it approaches the coast this evening. In Massachusetts. The White House Corona virus response coordinator is meeting today with college presidents from member station GBH. Kirk Cara Paisa tells us Dr Deborah Burke's his warning students and the public to remain on guard against the virus. Speaking to reporters outside MIT and Harvard's Broad Institute in Cambridge, Dr Burke said the Northeast and its colleges have some of the most quote militant covert testing in the country. But she also emphasized the importance of wearing mask and maintaining social distancing during the upcoming holiday. We see that from the high holy days, people are just yearning to be together. And believe that if I know you or if you're my family member, you couldn't have asymptomatic Cove it and we now learned that you could. Burkes said She's confident students that Massachusetts colleges won't spread Corona virus when they had home for the holidays because of their low positivity rates. She also said she wishes the government could replicate regular testing across the country. For NPR news. I'm Kirk Cara Pensa in Cambridge. Stocks finished modestly higher on Wall Street, the Dow was up half a percent. This is NPR news. And this is WNBC in New York. I'm showing Carlson, a federal judge declined to grant a temporary restraining order that could have halted restrictions on religious gatherings of more than 10 people. Agudath Israel of America and ultra Orthodox Jewish advocacy group sued the state and argued that the restrictions made it impossible for their community to fulfill for the just obligations. Rabbi. Every Shafran is a spokesman for the group. It was a decision that was that went against what we feel is a very compelling argument about the judges. The judge and the decision is a decision, so we respected for what it's worth. The restrictions apply to areas of Brooklyn and Queens, where rates of positive Koven 19 tests are more than five times the city average. The state and city say strict social distancing measures are needed in those areas to save lives. Because of the ongoing covert 19 pandemic. Broadway will stay closed at least through next spring. Broadway producers announced today that the shutdown will extend through at least May 30th of 2021. And Gotham's Binaca says, Don't expect to see shows streaming online either something like Hamilton, which was already a humongous success for them to make a deal with Disney Plus and have that streaming there. That makes total sense. But most shows even from a couple of years ago, you're not going to find them streaming online. As for fans who bought tickets for shows through the spring theatres are offering refunds and exchanges. Many New York City teachers are awaiting a decision on whether or not they'll receive a final back pay installment from the city. The city told teachers it couldn't afford to make the payments because of the current financial crisis. The two sides headed into arbitration this morning, Gothamist reporter David Crewes says. If the arbitrator decides the money needs to be paid, it won't be without consequences. If the teachers received the money immediately. It could trigger the kind of mass layoffs that Mayor Bill de Blasio has been trying to avoid. Back bay dates to win. Teachers were without a union contract under the Bloomberg administration. The original total sum was $900 million and has been doled out over time. Four payments have been made so far. Our weekend is looking pretty sunny tonight. It'll stay clear. We'll have love about 59 degrees. Partly sunny through the day tomorrow with a high of about 77 degrees. A few clouds you on there tomorrow night Low 63 on Sunday a chance of showers in the afternoon. Slight chance of showers, otherwise partly sunny high near 71 on Monday. Showers are likely. Mostly cloudy high near 62 degrees. It's 69 Sunny here in a Brooklyn at the moment at 5 35. Support for NPR comes from W. N. Y C members and from Hub spot whose enterprise C R. M platform is designed to help marketing sales.

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