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On the Rick Edelman show. Eleven fifty three. Here's a Subaru retailers of England all-wheel-drive traffic on the threes did a looks pretty busy for a Sunday morning. It certainly is Tina might just be easier to say where it's not busy at the moment. Well, even in Cape Cod, route six westbound backed up from before exit to the sagamore bridge, route three northbound is slow ride between route one thirty nine and route eighteen than the expressway. Northbound is just about full, the southbound side of the is even seeing a lot of company much of the way through the mid section twenty four. Northbound is really Jim between route one forty and route one and route forty four and then heavy between one thirty nine and ninety three ninety five northbound on the brakes from neponset street to route one Twenty-eight heading into downtown lower deck of ninety three in the Z. Cam bridge, slow for mystic reports of a crash along the way, it celebrates square lever, down ramp is jammed top to bottom sore drive westbound stalled out between levered circle, and the longfellow bridge north of town, route three southbound backed up. Close to two miles, getting the one twenty eight with reports of a new crash at one twenty eight David stuff, Alina, WBZ traffic on the threes. Westwood Furniture's retirement and store closing sale is now in its third week. Now, we've added bonus savings with selling out to the bay walls, the quality you expect with extra discounts Thursday through Monday, only Westwood furniture Indem on route one A at ninety five traffic and weather together statement, WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio. Welcome back to the truth about money Riechelmann here. Triple eight plan RIC Edelman dot com of talking to you about the speeds of computer processing made possible by the latest and greatest technology. All these are advances in AI an exponential technologies that I wanna share with you this week. Cisco says mobile data traffic is.

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