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Start with that or on the group could wary we saw you're on january fourteen out of eighteen three diversity in new alltime high peterson nike of 55 so we are starting the europe in a with a bang after twelve consecutive months choice for peace for every record we know about being shared a real born worries we'll borne by 1950 no 1974 marc ratner i was i'm sorry i remember that you remember the type of meltoff no one wants to talk about a multiple when you are seeing every day it's like 'groundhog day i feel like bill murray they walk into the chicago mercantile exchange a look up yesterday five 500 just up fifteen handles regardless it doesn't really matter and we did see gdp come in a little bit off expectations but at the bigger picture we are seeing growth we are seeing tangible we're seeing historic got components of the stock market here in all cylinders but when you see markets continued go straight up in the way they have volatilty suppressed there is reason i have a little bit of caution here right have we got in ahead of ourselves it's a response to this but quickly jeff gilbert what jumped out at you that was not so good the us dollar mnuchin doing the us dollar if there is a direct correlation in inverse correlation the weaker dollar stock market off to the races thereby everything they can get their hands on from crude oil two goals to us equities or something just do what i understand mr minutes kinda got caught up and sporadic um fumbling around for bed but president trump in an interview with cnbc joe kernen who made it very clear i think he covered the dollar he said look we are in favour drawn dr and he said the dow is going to get stronger and stronger you know as the american economy continued to improve did that allay your concerns no because i think there's more candid what mnuchin throughout your role backpedalling mnuchin absolve can back told his comments from trump reinforced that but let's be honest we are in currency wars with china with draghi dry was very displeased with that comments from a nation soldiers continued race to the pace it's going on.

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