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The tax bill and Jo all three found the body faraday. That's definite all three of these guys founded. Joe Hitomi and I guess Joe said it was me. I'm lacking as yes I did. I said it was either text you trying to pin this on me. I don't have the daylights out of your boy. Howdy about him soon? Bill because I'm GonNa take a crack Adam. Nobody's taking any any cracks at anybody kids right now all of your listen nobody but you three follows tax bill and Jo New Powell had that twenty five thousand dollars with them. That's right right so it's one of these three. Who Killed Paul Marvelous Deduction Inspector? Even they admit that I mean Joe here admit Tita texts right okay bill. Relax relax the the point is that none of the three of you can prove where you were when Paul was killed five but in a minute royal me I just work here. That's what I WANNA do worse. What does Mike Inspector Faraday ground crew? Just stand by Mike. Okay see you later. Mike is your dad feeling. We're not good techs. Got Another why this morning. Oh Man's pretty eighty six. I have had that Mike and I wouldn't worry so much except he's stuck way up Dan. Kansas City dock has to drive fifty miles to get to know hospital in the time. I I spoke school black town here but think called Planes Ville Kansas Kansas. Ah Did nobody else has either except my dad and about thirty other land on his. Oh well I just sit tight get more orders. Yeah Yeah Mike Sit Tight. This thing will be cleared up pretty soon. Don't you think so inspector Faraday. I should do joe not anyone else. I think. Maybe you're guilty so I'm going to rest all three of you can't fight onto that. Confine them to the field. If you like but don't make any arrests I'll tell you what you these three Powell and I'll tell you it soon. It Yeah Mrs Emily Carrington Joe. Carrington's way I'm Boston Boston. Blackie you probably know your husband's involved in his field Yes I know. He called me a little while ago and told me you WanNa talk to me about it. Don't you yes about it and about Joe. Thank your husband needed money rather badly. Didn't you Mrs Carrington. Yes he did to keep his airline or to keep you happy. I don't think I like that implication. I don't like Mrs Carrington. Suppose you use me when I.

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