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I couldn't agree more. It actually makes you like so like relatable and strong. That's why Bethany drives me nuts because I don't think she's good at taking accountability. Better in the last couple of see signs that I agree with. But I do often think she's put in positions to take down ability for things like there's no accountability that needs to be taken like saying that she didn't think Arinda enough for the nutcracker is just going to say like she couldn't thank during a more for the nutcracker. Would. Are you kidding me? First of all did you see her? She was literally crying like screaming at the top of her lungs. Yes. And apparently what they sent him on like during the didn't even get it for me. Like, I she gave me her guy. And then like, I went back and forth. I paid for it. Like it was him. And I on whereas like he just a gave her the contact. Oh, she's like, here's a guy. Call right, but still and lease and she was very appreciative in the berkshires or wherever they did it like, I'm sorry. She they put her in these positions. They hold her to a higher standard. That's true. I'm also just like a Bethany. Just and I owned that like I would venture to the death. I love her so much. Did you always love Lisa before the season? No. I've always known that Leeson anti-trump was the way that she was. Yep. Me too. If you can't be my friend, and please don't be my enemy like she was manipulating back Taylor Armstrong. I know it's I've known from the very beginning team. But there's yes, that's where it started to unravel. Oh, my weight and forget on this season. How fucking Vander pump started. She had brandy engine shoot. Which Brady was her rider died like a really good friend friends with kenan's like you're gonna put her in that position. Oh with the lady who broke up your family. Unreal. Unreal. Okay. Speaking of unreal. I don't know. That's my right from people magazine, David foster jokes that he'd be in jail right now if his daughter had wanted to go to college, basically of David Erin, foster put up a screen shot of a tech such from her dead on Ceram. Thank god. You don't wanna go to college? I'd be in jail right now. Oh my God. And you know, and she kept it. Thanks for the confidence. Dad several stars. A common funny, including including Nina Dobrev, who wrote a cat with three crying, laughing emojis bases and Selma. Blair who wrote really is the best post. Lisa renna. Meanwhile, simply commented David while. Katie Couric added your dad with a sunglasses emoji as captured by Instagram..

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