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And have fun and two thirds of responded say it's just too hard to find an activity that everyone can agree on coming up. A homeowner shoots and kills a suspected burglar in Lancaster on that story. Just ahead. First, traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives. It's two twenty five dollars in Santa Ana cannon eastbound side of the ninety one. And this is before green river road. C P now has. The the right lane blocked, and this is now considered a hit and run. And the a woman was struck while helping another friend in another vehicle just ahead. She got out of her vehicle and was walking ahead towards her chores or French vehicle and was struck and they're saying now, it's a pickup truck. And so now, corona police and CHP are track in this one down. So I'm sure that they will find that person. And let's hope that this has a good outcome. Downtown LA on the eastbound side of the ten this is before the one ten connector of vehicle into the Senate of either turned into three vehicle crash and lanes are still blocked on the main line of the ten headed toward one ten and the electro that goes towards the southbound side of the one tends to just beware that eastbound side of the one of five at Hawthorne boulevard. A two vehicle crash is now over on the right shoulder and is blocking the ramp. Also in Santa Clarita on the northbound side of the fourteen between via Princess and San Kenan. All lanes of just been reopened next report. Coming up at two thirty five hours with traffic reports. More often Kennex extend seventy NewsRadio Fifty-seven Chatsworth, sixty three at the Civic Center to twenty. The new state farm drive safe.

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