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They don't think that people who disagree with them are legitimate experts now gonna road about this in a very recent paper like this month uh misconceptions misinformation in the logic of identity protective cognition uh we're talking about of your views is a is a badge of identity us were getting to hear your it this came out june 2017 for the cultural cognition project so in this paper a kahan tackles what he refers to as the public irrationality thesis were hit so this is something he setting up to be in opposition to write this the idea that we quick touch honorary the idea that the general public largely quote display only modest familiarity with fundamental scientific findings in lack proficiency in the forms of critical reasoning essential to science comprehension unquote and and there are therefore easily swayed by special interest groups who muddy the waters with nonscientific information yeah i think this is a is a common thesis people on both sides right of of a contentious issue of fact in the public debate sphere they just tend to think that well people on the other side are just ignorant and they just they just don't understand and they're just being swayed by propaganda you listened to the wrong news channel you listen to the wrong radical and now you have a you have a faulty understanding of the facts right so gone argues that pit reflects a misconception of science communication like a basic misconception.

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