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Yummy Yummy Justin Bieber the Rose Bowl may twenty ninth also Friday February fourteenth at twelve o'clock noon time at AXS dot com congradulations thank you you got a brother all good deal Ashley as you exit the stage this moment is entirely yours you take it away what is what are the causes because she did not she did yeah I don't even know if that's possible the groundhog just missed seeing his job we're going to spring is Valerie could you put on the Christmas card list please well it's taking care of their ego Tony George the morning traffic Tony what's going on what it was that's all car and the way one ten freeway southbound side if we get to the one on one so the right still little bit busy that may twenty six that definitely improving northbound side of the one ten just before you get to burn and that's all cars gone for the left lane the main line that so to be a top five coming off of the one oh five and stays busy ahead to the one I want and you have the drive on the west on say the ten through walls and practice before you get to Pacific there's an event with a big rig a pick up truck they did make it up to the right shoulder but you're seeing heavy delays at as you said so pretty so pass at about four to seven ten is making waves Alhambra with outside of the six of five a Firestone there's an accent there with that look like three cars that are involved seats be is headed over but in the meantime drivers already SO what is coming out of three doesn't just before del Llano south bound by the six of five so down about lower is it lower as two sets of the ten freeway and the brake lights again from Beverly over towards the one oh five the topic of what is going to buy one hundred the law to drive safely and keep your eyes on the road but unfortunately accidents happen so you need to be prepared if you were injured get the power of X. rays attorneys today call one eight hundred the watch to that's one eight hundred eight four three five two nine two thank your traffic I'm Tony Jordan whether for three my easy money listen to win every hour on the hour from six AM till six PM weekdays easy money for three runs you by NBC the phone that feels you you can create control and share your videos like the director you were born to be next level video from the phone that actually sees you plus so much more check out the C..

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