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I just got a call from a voter as to stuck at forty four and two seventy that to change. He said is a mess and basically at a standstill so it's a forty four to seventy interchange. Forty four of course, has been the bugaboo pretty much the whole time. All right. We're gonna go to the Newbold BMW Toyota sports desk right now and check in with Alex Ferrari or getting separate blues hockey later on this evening on a snowy day here in downtown Saint Louis, but luckily, the blues are out in Dallas and hoping to keep their hot streak alive after their victory over the Montreal Canadians along with Chris ruby and Amy Marx scores blues drop the puck against the Dallas Stars tonight at eight o'clock and Amy some tough news yesterday. We find out that Robert Thomas is going to be out some significant time due to a shoulder injury. And also Tyler Boza heads to the injured reserve. Yeah. You hate to see a guy like Robin Thomas go out now because he was really gaining momentum. Whether it was the commentators up in the box noticing. In his play or Thomas himself. He felt more confident out on the ice. He's gaining invaluable experience not only with these NHL games. But with the crew that surrounding him specifically Ryan O'Reilly every less than that. He's learning. You can almost see it. You can see a visible improvement with every game. This kid has got so much potential. Hopefully, this is just a short time that he's sideline, you know, Chris. It was nice to see the game against Montreal. Because they they flourished in almost every aspect of the game power play penalty kill five on five. They're goaltending was outstanding. We all are still talking about Jordan Bennington. But I think more so should be talking about the way that this team has played on the road already this season. And the fact that they have a chance to jump back into this playoff hunt because they're not far out and they play nine of their next ten on the road. Yeah. And you know, that's what Craig berbie set after the loss to Dallas last week. He said we've got to be better on the power play, especially we gotta figure out a way to stop finding ways to lose games. And they put the clamps down last night. And really looked good all game against Montreal. So you take that. Away from home or you've been a little bit better. Maybe having high volume of games will be good for them. I think it'd be good to have two goaltenders who hopefully are playing while moving forward a week from today is winter warm up for the cardinals as we inch closer and closer to spring training when pitchers and catchers report, Chris you and claims at a great interview with Jack Flaherty and Adam Wainwright on cardinals countdown to opening day, and you know, Ueno talked about how he sees this as a playoff team. He sees this as a championship team in great news yesterday as they avoid arbitration and bring back three more players to help this team out. There won't be any hearings. Wocka Ozoda land all agreeing to deals with the club. And you know, I think Alex that as we're waiting around for moves to be made throughout baseball. The cardinals have made two of the most significant moves and signing Andrew Miller and also trading for Paul Goldschmidt. So a month away from pitchers and catchers now reporting down in Jupiter, Florida baseball season getting closer and excited about getting a winter warm up next weekend and hearing from some of these guys and hopefully seeing how the. Baseball offseason moves along a little bit college basketball. You got the Slough Billiton's and action later on tonight against LaSalle. How about this one? Chris Missouri tiger game is postponed because they were unable to get to South Carolina. We'll have to wait to seem as you take on the Gamecocks good start for both of those teams on off this weekend. And hopefully, our weather doesn't impact anything the rest of the snow Pacalypse stays away. We have football as well. In the NFL Colson chiefs later on this afternoon, and then tonight, it's Cowboys and Rams along with Amy Mark scores and Chris Rabia, Alex Ferrario on America's sports voice..

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