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Southern colorado never stops neither do we. This is no co now presented by that shanin agency. Here's tanner's went good monday morning. Northern colorado will command to the auto closure especially studios how we feel out there colorado. They weekend full of highs and lows in the sporting world. I don't know if it's been much lower for broncos country Even back to the trevor simian days right. I don't know we'll We'll get into all of that and much much more. I'm -tainer schwinn. We are live from the auto collusion specialists studios joining us now. Up on the hotline are syrupy for before vip guessed. It is a director reporting for nine news kris van. Arena chris Do you remember a darker. Time for the broncos country after what. We just saw this yesterday you know. It's it's always been. It hasn't been great the last few years. Let's be honest. And and i think it's you know it's one of those things where you know tactically. We're still five hundred So i guess we got dako and for us. Yeah it doesn't It certainly doesn't feel like that This morning but nonetheless. We'll have plenty of time to break that down chris We got word this morning. That colin powell has passed away. from cove nineteen. You talk about a man that had ripple effects There will be in history books for years to come. I think about i was thinking about that this morning. About all of the impact that he had on this world and on national politics on foreign affairs Just so many things that he was involved in. I think there was there was it was a push for a while for to get him to run for president. He never did But i to go back to that. I was thinking that this morning that sort of they you break it you bought it kinda mentality that they called it the The pottery barn rule during the war started the war. And if you break it you own it. and he. And he had expressed that sentiment to then president bush at the time. And it just this idea that he was thinking about long term not just short-term and i think that was quite apropos considering how long we've been in iraq and then how long we were in afghanistan and it's always interesting and this is where This is where i struggle When something like this happens. Chris i mean he have all these. The associated press that comes out and talking about colin powell and served democratic and republican presidents. And then it goes on to like right off the bat talk about how his reputation was forever stained what maybe walk us through in the listeners through why reporters and journalists feel the need to put that they're in that top line. Well i you know..

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