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Do this thing? Wouldn't you like to be like a model off duty just in the street, wherein fanny pack in a weird way. And then I saw it for the first time in the wild last week at this podcast. 'cause the podcast on Melrose which is where all the hype beasts in LA hang out, and I saw like a lot of teenagers doing it and I was like his fall off, don't you just look like a fool all the time when you do it like. All on silly. It just was part of the look. I Don. I think there's maybe like nothing in it. Maybe maybe trick. That's even that's even harder because you have if you have a weight in it, then it'll kind of at least dig into your shoulder a little bit and hang there. It's like wearing an empty tote bag. It'll always fall my shoulder. Yeah. But if you have something in it, it holds it there. I don't know. I should probably move on and talk about how but. Weakening of Jamie subject? Yes, there. No. There are new out today because it's too hot even for the teens. It is. So the heat advisory up there. So God damn hot. Yeah, the heat advisories until eight PM tomorrow on my God. So nobody's outside, you don't want to be outside very happy to be in the studio. I was going to try to go out to LA, but my brother was there and he was like, save yourself. Time, it's on fire or will be at any moment Welby Sarah months. But speaking of that hell month helmet ho month. Yeah, I was gonna fire month, but then Jessica hopper saw the fire persons like is this helmet than I was like that so much banner didn't Jason pivot also, it's because I feel. My friend just handed me a copy of Dante's inferno, and we were hanging out. Have you heard the good word. So I feel like I'm like in my taking his thing, but it's like he did not know it would become an obsession in my life, but now there's a Yale podcast that's just a lecture on Dante's inferno. So. Interesting. Yeah, didn't you have recently re were like everything I do. I have to do until I'm good at it, and then I have to do it until I die. That sounds like that sounds like something I have. I don't know if I ever get good, but I get really obsessed with it. I related to that a lot. I can't get into things shallowly. It's either like all the way. Yeah. I mean, I lost last month to Vander pump. Yeah. That you improved? It you? Yes, you enhanced. I do my my see. Like would you say you're like a casual Dante scholar right now? This month dabble? Yeah. Yeah. I'm I'm a beginner dabbler if it was a yoga class, it would be maybe the community yoga class that's open. Yeah. But beginner donation at this point because you don't want to. I mean, it's so cool. I was watching Dante documentary found out all about that in Florence, they, it was like the gilts my gosh, I have no idea what the Gelb. Some part of them were like, let's follow the pope. And the other part were like, let's follow the emperor and then Dante was not on the right side exiled, which I guess happened. Yeah, in more exiles, but not wait, was which side was he hung see on the he was a white Guelff and then the lack. One. So he like the emperors were like more about secular law and then the pope people. We're like super Christian, I think fast like or whatever, whatever, you know. Go with the pope or the emperor. He, he was on the side of the pope, but the black in the white rispler it where the the white was kind of more anti-tory -tarian where I, I don't. I haven't read enough about this, but the the they didn't like the current pope when you finish the Cowan. I'll do another one site it, but like they didn't like the current pope would seems kinda like anti authoritarian, like to doubt a religious leader, right? Medieval or whatever back when the pope was still seen as the actual hand of God here. So was he exiled from Florence? Yeah, never to return. Well, guess what? The Italian couple that gave me a ride in there. Uber less from Florence? Ooh, it comes full circ Dante Dante have you watched any of the Dan Brown movies?.

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Dante Dante, Florence, LA discussed on Night Call

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