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He's gonna be present, but sure he'll beat Ripley. No, I think so. Yeah, he'll beat all of them. And be like, yeah, see, you're nothing without me, then he'll rejoin. And then they'll kick out Balor. Yeah. Jake baker since baldur club finally has more than one member. Are we getting a new rumors song? I think we really need to. I mean, we're due. We are true. Because Kevin Owens has never winning back to you universal title. All that and that one's good. You know, we only have one of those rumors that actually came true. Yeah. Balor's got a second member. Bojangles Jay, I want to Brock Lesnar almost worked a full schedule. Yeah. Willingly too. Yeah. Bojangles Jay, I want to thank yo guys from saving me from having to watch Ron SmackDown anymore 'cause it just ain't worth my time. No mo. No, it's not, it isn't. Louis Vasquez. Hey guys, I'm just curious who's the plus delta of the podcast. What does that mean? Isn't that like South Park, COVID thing? Is it? COVID plus delta plus delta plus, maybe? No, I looked up plus delta and it's like those plus delta charts, but I don't know what he means by which one of us is the plus delta. Yeah, I don't know. Kyle fox didn't just making sure I'm following this correctly, so edge hates the fans for two months, brings in priests and Ripley teases a fourth member for weeks, pin Finn Balor on the pay per view, and then gets attacked by those three people to become a babyface now. You got it. That's it. See? You win. It's so easy to follow. You don't win anything. Even if it makes absolutely no sense. Correct. Omar, the halal falafel farmer. I heard that JR asked Maurice hey Marisa cookies come without that milk from them slobber knocker. Hey calm down it's some guy knows why I feel okay God damn. Did I mention that I make my own barbecue sauce? I'm naked son right now. It's from my deck. But it's nice and slippery. It's leopard dick. This is getting weird. Matt Damon. Thank you. Now that Cody's peck has a Lisp two, this has to mean Seth gets his run at Roman, right? Dear God. It's not Lashley or Lesnar again. Right. No, no. That's not happening now. Jeremy Brennan turned. He might be in the money in the bank match. I don't know. Maybe. Jeremy Brennan turned on rod, seen Balor, priest, and Ripley turned on edge. Next up was omos, turned it right off, no question just saying, fuck, omas. Okay. Well, someone has to. I'm down with that. Joey JoJo junior cheba doo, when do you plan on doing another roster draft episode on Patreon? It seems like every time we do that, they cut half the roster. So maybe we'll do that. Carlos Ramirez push fire berry Andrews singing of entrance themes, we have the Bella twins. You can touch but you can't touch. Thank you for singing. Look at my ass. Look at my ass. Look at my ass. Look at my ass. Everybody, look at my ass I only wanted this title 'cause John Cena fucked me. I don't know. So there's the bell twins. Okay. There's Stephanie McMahon. That sucks. Yeah. And then Kelly Kelly. The boys and the girls and the boys and the girls and the boys and the girls and the boys. Why isn't Cody's on there? Cody's. My father said my father said I've always liked AJ Lee. Just take it together and just light it up. It's not it. But over out of those three, I would push Kelly Kelly for me, it's the most fun. Yeah. And then bury the ballots wins fire Stephanie. Yeah, I'll go with that. I wonder who Lashley is gonna face that money to bank. Oh, I'm sorry, money. And the bank considering he's on a winning streak after his win at hell and a cell moron. Yeah, I love money and the bank. I'm gonna win the money. The money in the bank lunch box. What? You fucking no, no, no. No, no, no, no. I'm gonna win the money. The money in the bread does snacks. Snack pack. What? Stupid fuck. Get him, get the microphone. Get away from him. Joseph riling, why does Vince hate Becky Lynch? Poor Becky lose to Dana Brooke. Well, I don't know. Yeah. Amir. Some things you'll never know. Amir is Seth going to end up being one of the greatest wrestlers of all time when it's all over when it's all done and over for him. Absolutely. Well, how long is the list? Being one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Depends how long the list is. I mean, you're not gonna be on the Mount Rushmore. No, no, but I mean, he's a 25. He's definitely one of the greats for mind games. Mind you. Top 25? Sure. I know. I could see that. Yeah. I don't know about top ten. You got a thing with you. You got 25. Well, that's true. But I don't know about top ten because he's just not in an era where he can be that awesome. Like, yes, he's awesome at times, but the show is so bad that, you know, we had a ten month view to Rey Mysterio over eyeballs. That's true. Eyeballs. Eyeballs. You know, there's stone cold, The Rock, mankind, undertaker. Yeah. There's a lot of greats there. Macho man, even Hulk Hogan, who even though you hate him. Rated R pooper star instead of luck and her hurt. Yeah. Instead of Ludwig Kaiser's lame finisher, why not have a backwoods type roll up called the Kaiser roll? But that's not bad, pooper star. Now I want a sandwich. Thank you. Alex mihailoff is there in any multiverse a scenario where the KO Ezekiel story has a satisfying payoff. That depends, is there a multiverse where Vince McMahon is dead? Andrew, I went forward in time to see all the possible outcomes of this. Right. How many, how many times was there a payoff? None. I saw 14 million. And then at the end when I think there's going to be a payoff, I'm like, on the ground like please paid off and I look over to Eric and he's like, it just gives me a zero. Oh, well fuck. Kill myself. If I tell you what will come to be, it won't come to be, so it will come to be then. No, it still won't come to me. Yeah. I looked at that future too, where I told you, there's got to be some multiverse where some other universe where Vince McMahon is dead and raw's fun to watch in Elias didn't shave his beard. Right. Stevie V now edge is no longer part of the Judgment Day. Does anyone care about this faction? No. The ball they're not going to let Ballard do anything cool with it. Now they never did. Tim, hey guys. Are you guys planning on making any new shirts? For example, a Josh shirt with him just saying, really? No. Nope, while we figured out. We have a shirt I figured out that Josh berner account for Patreon. Yeah, right? One of them. He donates like half of his Jack, brother. Yeah, no, I was with Josh a few weeks ago. I think I said this.

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