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Eddie pass away. The official cause of death was to burke yellow sus but therapy people that would say it was more likely a form of some kind of bayreuth cancer that abe and The eldest son robert had several signs of the genetic markers. That interesting obviously This this crushed lincoln family at that point There are not many stories of addie as he was four years old when he died but he always see was seen as like a sweet little boy. Yeah well if four absolutely so we all know that. Abraham lincoln became our sixteenth. So i won't go through the whole election process the times he's one time he lost But to hear more about that you can listen to. Our abraham lincoln episode life as a first lady was not an easy life for any first lady but it seemed even more difficult for mary than it did for most her personality. You know Mary's family being from a border state were where slavery was permitted. Meant that several of her half brothers served in the confederate army and were killed during the civil war. That's always difficult when lake. Your family is split which certainly happened at that time. Upset when your husband is the president and you know kind of leading the charge. That's definitely gotta be divide for you. Definitely you know it. It was difficult because mary really held true to her beliefs. And those of abs know of slavery was not was not right. So i mean they had to do it and i'm sure. She wished that her half brothers wouldn't have been on that side In this is something that we don't really think about when we think about mary. Todd lincoln we think about you. Know abraham lincoln died. We think of her sons dying. We don't think about you know a lot of her out of her half brothers dying. Yeah critics describe. Mary's manners as coarse and pretentious. She had trouble negotiating white house social responsibilities and rivalries She was accused of overspending when it came to refurbishing the white house and buying new china in this caused a lot of turmoil between her and abe even though congress eventually approved most of these expenses he thought it made them look bad because the country was at war with itself and they're buying new china for the white house he was. I believe a bit of a shopaholic. I'm just gonna say. I think that was how she dealt with her grief. That's true she had a lot of grief grief that she went through the more that she spent at. Mary also suffered from very severe headaches. Or what we would call now migraines She also suffered from chronic depression. Her headaches got even worse when she suffered a head injury in a carriage accident during her white house years. Oh never heard that yup. She had a history of mood swings. Fierce temper public outbursts throughout lincoln's presidency as well as excessive spending and it has led some historians and psychologists to argue that. Mary suffered from bipolar disorder. Well that's interesting. Yeah i suppose yeah. We'd have to really see like does she. Was it a wild swing between them or what but she definitely had the Depressive side to it definitely. The manic side was the buying. Yeah so it's possible..

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