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We're up on little shepherds trail it's on top of a mountain. You can see for miles from up here. Miss World through the valley below like a river swallowing. The thick forests of Appalachia Sanja K was found fifty feet off this one lane dirt gravel road in nineteen sixty nine. I'm just always wanted to come and see exactly where body was found to say. See the spot. I don't know how to tell you feels Karen has never been to the exact place where they found her mother's body until today. It's an overcast afternoon in October of twenty sixteen the leaves of mostly turn shades of amber, Brown and read a hope be we can. More this somehow. The identification of sauna K Blair Adams was a surprise to some. But not to Karen stikes who already do with every fiber for being that mountain. Jane Doe, was her mother lack had told corner. If it had came back and said that it was I would have never believed. You know, may not just annot that it was her and I kept telling on. No, what's her? You know, how did you know, you can cut this stuff? Yeah. Yeah. I didn't know we was going there. No cut. Turn off the recorder and Karen takes a deep breath. Then she tells me how she knew mountain. Jane Doe was her mom. Karen was a child. Her grandmother told her something so awful. She didn't wanna say it on tape. But she said we could. Her grandmother told her you're going to grow up to be a Horlick your mother, and she ended up naked and stabbed on little shepherd trail that's mountain. Jane Doe was found. Hungry mother to would get upset in any time. You bring anything up about NAMA or so in Alba scared to bring it up Mary Rutherford atoms and her husband, Dallas Cairns grandparents on her father's side. And they adopted her. I was a little over a year old, and my grandparents raised me after mother it went missing it wasn't an easy childhood. Her niece laugh, Karen says that different times throughout her childhood. Her grandma would say, those awful words about her mother in the murder. This was forty years before she was identified through DNA. It raises so many questions if we're grandma knew would happen to Sanja. K why didn't she contact the police did Karen's grandma no more than she was saying about the murder and for grandma new did any. Else you feel like you can't trust anybody? And you don't know, you know, who knows who don't know. And you know, it's it's it's a horrible feel into feel like everybody knows something in. Nobody will tell you. If someone did know something they weren't talking. According to police, no one filed a missing persons report for sons UK in nineteen sixty nine. She disappeared from Letcher county right next to Harlan with her living so close why didn't anyone make the connection? And why didn't anyone in Letcher county reporter missing? Here's the thing about being an identified inter and an empty mountain. Jane? Doe was perfect and jealous, but in reality, sauna ks life was more complicated. We found her divorce papers in the Kentucky state archives that tell part of her story, it's a public record. And a snapshot of turbulent time towards the end of her life. In nineteen sixty seven Suns UK, married. A guy named ROY Adams about a year later ROY went into the army while ROY was in the military Sanju k left him for his brother, James Sanju. Kane James had a baby together. That's Karen about a year later sauna K was murdered was ROY ever a suspect in the crime. I don't I don't know if we can say Roy's of suspect Sanja case ex husband ROY still lives in Letcher county. He wouldn't speak with us. But he did speak with detective Howard from the Kentucky state police. A thank, you know, in any case any murder case for sure any family members that would have been in contact would be looked at and ask questions to rule allows me in the suspect. We filed for Roy's military released paperwork, his DD to fourteen we found out that ROY went to Vietnam a month after the divorce at the time of the murder. He was thousands of miles away. Roy didn't return phone messages and his wife hung up on me. And we never got to speak with his brother, James either..

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