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Mr. producer, Mr. Callscreener everyday. There is saying you're being attacked by this guy your being Italian. I I stood firm. I said, okay, then I'll push back. Which I did. But I looked behind me. There was no infantry. Hannity was a help a few of my local buddies where it help Larry O'Connor few almost nobody. People who I've defended and talk radio where nowhere to be found. And admire nowhere to be found. Then of course today. They claim they were on top of this issue. Now, they weren't. Here's a little taste of what took place just a couple of minutes. Then we'll move along a montage. You'll have CNN Jake tapper ABC news, Brian Ross think he's been drummed out of the business CNN, Brian Stelter, who is a low life CBS, Stephen Colbert, another low-life MSNBC Scarborough, low low-life NPR MSNBC, Chris Matthews, heavy drinker, in my opinion. HBO John all rather all very clever to you'll see. And even today with the attorney general saying what he said. None of these people take it seriously. And they're trying to parse his words. They're all four police state as long as it's their police state, damn fools. They don't understand that. They're the ones that go first on a police state cut three go White House officials say that the president sources were various conservative outlets. Most prominently brands radio host. Mark Levin who seemed to take three basic chunks of information and combine them into one conspiracy theory of what he calls a silent coup. And by the way, that's the silent coup phrase was also mine, and it was based on a book was written many many years ago, which has also been picked up now. I said then asset since and I say now. That there was a silent coupe. I silently co. I mean, a non military coup. You know what I mean? Go ahead. Highlighted conspiracy, loving radio talk show host Mark Levin. Now, the story asserted that Obama has been trying to undermine Trump at every turn as from the headline. It was inspired by Thursday night radio segment by conservative talk show. Mark levin. Apparently.

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