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John. I don't want any party favors. Man All DAB L. Baby. Let's go to the paycheck to win. Derek Lewis Dirk Watch pants off my balls with heart I understand welcome to a hopefully defined episode of UFC. unfiltered Hope Matt Serra Myself. I'm confident and We have a very pack show. Lauren Murphy will be on the show today. Fighting Andrea elitist Saturday of course Dominic Reyes challenging John Jones in the main event for the light heavyweight title and the Black Beast. Derek Lewis Fighting Lear Latifi and that is the first fight on the main car. What an amazing car? That's happening Saturday. This really great. It's GONNA be Great. I'm reading are we talking to Lauren. Murphy I I don't know in order to be honest DOMINIC MIGHT BE I. I don't okay all it goes. I'm reading Lord Murphy like tweeted about macy easy bobber loss to Roxanne Monetary. She tweeted her. Get off the fucking Mike you Spoiled Brat. Yes she did. Did what I you know. I think a lot of them were a little irritated with macy. I don't know why I thought that Roxanne Montazeri I think basically blamed her injury more than she credited. Roxanne's skill I WANNA hear you're I want to get dominic colon is going yeah. Let's get dominant guy. I want to hear why she called her a spoiled Brat. I'm curious about that a to what's going on here. Interesting God. Fuck what does that Hannibal Lecter. He's in a massage table. What's going on whose finger take your finger dominic? Oh you understand what it would be. If I was on a massage table I could never do a skype getting a massage. Goddamn right so did you just work out or what. What are you getting massaged? I'm getting a nice relaxing massage right now. The hotel is any place particular sore. Like as your has your back bothering you or your WanNa what I say that right before the fight but the chill out so nothing bothers me. I'm just yeah just get loose man. Okay yeah like the treat myself every once in wild do you. Do you like to do that. Just go to a spine relaxing taking care of her as a purely at a physical necessity to go respond. Get taken care of actually as optus can take care of your body. You only get one. Yeah now all right. The body's doing great. How's the mind this is a a I can't see? It's a huge fight. That's under stager. Are you ready to shock. The fucking world dominic raise hell. Yeah Man I believe all Saris Fuck Angela right. It's fucking true to dangerous city for dangerous city for a champion Jimmy. Yup fucking Houston. You know and you know and talk about a night of because we also have with Valentine's I've Janko again geoghegan. Yeah what if the underdogs take it deal. Feel like an underdog I mean. Fuck Dominic your undefeated. Nobody best did you. Yeah I mean I. I'm aware I'm an underdog I'm not. There's no secret to it. I don't feel like I'm the favourite you know but I man I know what I'm capable of and I'm not worried I'm not worried one bit. How do you mentally approach fighting a guy like John who like you know? He's he's known has has been able to figure out how how to beat him. He's beaten every style of fighter everything. Somebody's thrown out. I mean he's had an answer for so mentally. How do you approach fighting? A guy who has seemed impenetrable. It's it's pretty simple Mana just got to be the best version of yourself. That's all you can really do anyway. You know I can't be more than I am. So I'm just going to be the best version of Dominic race. Yeah I have more wrinkles because I'm learning new stuff every day. I'm pretty young in sports sports. Still so it's gotta be complete gotta be complete got just gotta go. It's more of a not not like letting letting him dictate the fight and fighting your fight and not letting him say okay. WE'RE GONNA go slow right now. Okay we're GONNA go fast right now you fight how you fight. And don't let him bully you a lot of guys get bullied out there. And it's like I'm not gonNA take everything that he gets to this by he's going to have to earn. I'm not giving them anything he's going to have to take you know there's an interesting moment I think it's in your embedded and I the the show you just watched the leading up Were they were showing a clip of Jones. I think it was fighting. Gust of Senate I think Rogan said John doesn't like being pushed backwards. Like I think it was. I think it was Gustafsen. who was marching him? Backwards Elliott talking about not allowing him to kind of get into a rhythm and tell you where it's going to go. Yeah it's just it's not pushing them back it's just not letting him get into a rhythm or the. Obviously we get into a rhythm as it goes on we adapt but It's just breaking up those patterns breaking up those rhythms. You know dictating how I want it to be dictated. He's not used to guys going in there and imposing their will on him. You think he's sleeping on you. What do you think I don't? I don't think he's sleeping on me if he is. That'd be cool but he's you know he's he's a very smart smart fighter. He's not in the top for the last ten years. No reason So I don't think he's sleeping on yeah But I think he knows he knows that I'm a I'm a very actual threat to his throne. And he he said something about and it might have been on Rogan show. He said something about how he would fight a certain way to almost leave himself excusive. He lost like he didn't he didn't. It seemed very properly in shape against over Saint Pruning Forum. So I think he's made that mistake already far sleeping on somebody and you're twelve and all and the were you been knocking people out. I don't think he's walking into this not ready for what you know. I mean he knows that you could knock him out literally I mean and if not like I said better for me then he'll have to use it after the fly and then Louis rematch so this time on the east side you know. How is it training training for him? Because again he has he throws so many different. Looks whether it's at a bleak kick or or you know the fact that he can wrestle the fact that dangerous with his elbows he seems like a difficult guy to find one one training partner who can match. Yeah Bill that a little bit interesting Challenge that we face We brought in a couple of different specialists. That were taekwondo guy or you know just a very long guy or you know different style of athletes and it was interesting but You just got to be really sharp. At estimating thing it's been really sharpened understanding what he could hurt you with from Every position and then understanding what to do when you see different movement out of him as far as spends and stuff and you had expressed I think it was. There's an interview about his history of pokey. Made you a little bit concerned. Well nobody was guy. I want to see so. Oh He's kind of stories for pokes And I think it's it's less about the I folks it's more about you know if his fingers are my face then. I'm knocking to be able to go full speed. You know like how many people could are willing to run their face into some is. I mean fingers. Is You know. So it's it's more about that and not like him kind of stopped me from Glenn Pool speed by pointing fingers face. Do you think the referees have him closes hand fast enough or do you think they let it usually go a little bit longer than they should. I'm not sure I mean we'll see on on on Saturday. I don't I don't really I hope is not an issue but We'll see now I'm interested good. Go ahead Well he's I'll just say I'm best case scenario at the non-issue I'm interested in John. Jones's approach approach at this fight because dominic is extremely hard to hold down extremely powerful with punches. If if you're a betting man you'd I think he's looking to put you down. Take you down. If he wants to waste a bunch of energy. I mean he could do that green tea he's keeping he say minded minded backup so we so we work a lot of just worst positions getting out of people on your back getting out out of people mounted some people. They'll just never be mounted. Are you starting from worst positions a lot and your and your training. That's most of my training. Yes USS Shark tank style. Where it's I'm in a terrible position and then I get out and then we start with the first guy right away like over and over and over and over again? That's good Jimmy. That's good Jim. Yeah it is I mean again. He's a hard guy to train for but again so are you. And I think he's aware of your power so I don't think he's looking at you lightly so you're probably going to have a fully psychologically when when you deal with him because he was interesting to watch you guys on stage together and you said something something where you you said you think that his you think is confident for the little sugar. You said you felt insecurities coming off him. Yeah what do you think that I have no idea. I know that he was I don't know I just saw that. I I didn't see like this super powerful guy that super confident in himself in his sure of himself you know he he saw that. I'm a real threat and do the eradicate them a bit. The eyes don't lie. I mean maybe he's looking into dominates is is and saying all right this dudes maybe he sends out. This guy's unafraid to me right. And that's what you said you said he's probably look Jimmy and a lot of people's eyes and said all right right this like almost like Mike Tyson. When again I kind of like all right? This guy's this guy's before it's thoughts but he might be seeing something in this. Young Young Lions is Jimmy. It looks like he's looking to a big fucking P call though. This is a really funny because I can't look at us in a toilet seat exactly so it's kind of weird now. It looks like a woman's hair anyway. You seem ready. I mean mental. You seem I mean. Nobody ever says they're afraid before five. You seem as calm as I've seen anybody who stepped into a big situation mental. You see like you're prepared pared you've got to have fun then you're going to be serious all the time. There's a moment the life that requires different emotions they. I'm not fighting him today. Luneau enjoy enjoy every day every moment. This is it during the Harper. Their own get. I'm not going to be able to get the lock. 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