Murray, Dole, Italy discussed on Meet the Press


Hurdle that could be the biggest stumbling block it's the russia investigation all right as we said earlier this week on a run down some things are we learned that special council will present some sort of indictment tomorrow the past two weeks have seen many high profile names being questioned by muller's team or by congressional committees let me run through october 13th that was former white house chief of staff reince priebus interviewed by team muller october sixteen the former press secretary spicer interviewed by muller october eighteen there was trump campaign manager corey lewandowski interviewed by the senate intel committee october's 24th than 25th michael cohen the president's personal lawyer appeared both in front of a house and senate intel committees the 24th brad powers part scowl the head of the trump digital campaign team he was interviewed by the house and october 27th carter page the force gump of all of this a foreign policy adviser to the trump campaign by the senate intel committee and the president has been all over this course trying to turn this into a clinton investigation and in fact it got so absurd listen to corey looming dusky on the air a couple of days ago give me a break okay look this speculation is so insane right now what we should be focusing on the continued lies of the clinton administration the clinton administration i didn't remember that that happened can can trump turn this into a clinton it already is look it's already so muddled and so clouded and everybody's already taken their side said that you know you got polarized scrape here and you gotta polar ice cream there there is almost nothing that can come up in the muller investigation that's going to move those two polls it has to be so dramatic and has to be able to break through in a way that will get people out of these bubbles if not we're going to be where we've been this whole time italy russia want russia one look all over it has to do it by a painted worth whether what the indictment look like we're this thing is going it certainly sounds like a last three eighteen election cycle and and that's the challenging part of it for the white house and second they're even dole's were murray is she half the gumption to fire the special council that would be a moment monumentally tomorrow is.

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