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To Ambush me maybe. The commentary scared her but they. I'm sure she doesn't read comments but the on twitter. She's active on twitter. And i saw what she was getting on twitter and she was getting reporter on in the comments. You know people said stuff about how It's possible for stories to take place during a given time period and for those characters to be unaffected by the time period. And i would say that. Actually it's fucking non stop and that even if she had a more ambient anxiety about soviets or whatever the only thing we really got was that that christian thing of like she'll be sponsored by the christians and she doesn't really agree with that and actually she likes soviet sponsorship and earnings sportsmanship and whatever And that's fine but it doesn't really give any perspective to what people cared about at the time and it you don't really need to harp on it for it to be present like even if you think about like someone like betty draper in madman having anxiety about nukes. She still a housewife. Who was basically completely taken care of and it doesn't really affect your otherwise but of course it affected everyone and this is supposed to be a drama. It's not supposed to be the marvelous. Mrs maisel but it basically is the marvelous. Mrs maisel plays chess. And i think it's funny when people say that it's like madmen. It kind of is like madmen but totally toothless. Which is what. Mrs maisel is. Mrs maisel is madman. Meets forrest gump right. But even for his gumbo with the jenny stuff had some kind of Stakes even you know like so for all the saccharin tweenies of forrest. Gump even that was willing to go somewhere which this it keeps walking into the precipice and then instead of a cliff is just like You know this cotton candy at the end. Is this very weird. It's like yeah. It's it's bizarre. And you know to go back to the pedophilia right. There was a lot of bathing to it right where they were kind of bathing. It and then it would just be very innocuous but it was like for example when she does the simultaneous at the school where the guy takes her. You have a bunch of boys. Walk into this room and stares stare her down and it looks like you Is this some kind of weird like when she's going from board to board. I feel like there. there's a sexual undertone to it. You know she's always looking ordering all these boys and we'd also had the setup of her like you said looking at boys with clapping the erasers and stuff. That could have been something that they could have built on even without dialogue just like framing having the boys talk about her differently or whatever but then she just goes home each eats a bunch of bunch of candy and talks to the guy. About how like she basically ran through all those dudes and i understood that that was intentional. But at the same time like you're saying it was bred cramming something that never pays off. Even the words you use sexual now think it's not even accidental. I think unconsciously because she ran through all those boys like like even the words ran through. Sounds like the best way to put what happened. They kind of make it seem like you know it. Almost something orgiastic about it in a weird way. But it's like sh- she dominated them you know and They kind of traffic in the elicit impulse while pretending to have a subverting impulse like actually feminist and empowering but really..

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