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Vision to better use you know maybe fight on behalf of the port oppresses that it is fighting to be able to take your dick rafi place know to quote the great philosopher ozzy osbourne mr crowley what went wrong in your head oh mr crowley humidity talk to the dead your lifestyle to me seem so tragic with a thrill of it all you fooled other people with magic you waited on saints call but that call never came to all that magic and what trick did you really ever perform you know you tricky shelf into thinking he can connect other worlds when he didn't even manage to really connect you know with this one off you know for yourself disconnected and there was this all over is all over and now we take a few more looks back at the strange days of ouster crowley with some top five takeaways i there you go away number one in 1898 the 23yearold ouster crowley was initiated into the occult group the hermetic order of the golden dawn founded by group of mason's the late nineteen th century the society embraced mysticism the occult other members include novelist bram stoker sherlock holmes creator sir arthur conan doyle poet william butler yeats butler hates eats crowley was drawn to the group by their shared interest in alchemy though some biographers have suggested that crowley may have initially infiltrating organisation under orders from the british secret services which i doubt a number two alastair developed these spiritual philosophy of the lima which senate around the content of do what that wilt and personal freedom and browser does what he wanted to do was mostly drugs and sex number three ouster once tried to literally fuck demon out of the desert not allow people can say that number four alastair was vilified by the press as being the most wicked man in the world he was not every murdering dictator in human history and our mental out of them were all more wicked announcer crowley weirdest may have been most.

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