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Details visit Washington auto show dot com Masks and proof of vax require At 8 18 Traffic and weather on the 8s here in Jack Taylor it's not just the snow on the roads but the visibility is down today too That's the truth as you get out there you'll realize in certain areas certain spots you can't see ten feet in front of your car That is where we're having a lot of issues with limited lanes You're used to a roadway that may be two lanes wide At this point it possibly is just one lane as the snow continues to fall in abundance at this point you're losing visibility If you don't have to be on the roadway right now you can give yourself to maybe after lunch in certain areas that could be better according to some jurisdictions to just kind of let the crews do the work that they can and they've got a big task in front of them We're beginning to get a lot slower as we have plow trains and again roadways that are three four 5 lanes across that may be down to one or two lanes Obviously no accidents but we're dealing with slower traffic than normal We'd also had some activity crews were checking in Maryland two 70 south and the main line down your 28 reports of Iraq bright and damn road had been closed because of a tree and wires down between New Hampshire avenue and boldly drive 50 out at the bay bridge just upgraded We had just went warnings Now we have limited wind restrictions so house trailers empty box trailers and a vehicle that can't safely cross the bridge will be prohibited The wreck in Virginia was 95 going south to clean up a vehicle that was overturned after center port Parkway had just right lane getting by That's been quite some time since we've heard from anybody even Vita 29 ramp to get on to 66 east at a Gainesville that ramp had been blocked retrieving a vehicle that was off the roadway You should find lanes open on four 95 through Maryland and Virginia but again plow trains continue to do their work give them as much space as you possibly can If you've been hurt in a car accident or a victim of medical malpractice that Greenberg and veteran help you contact Greenberg and veteran today at GB lawyers dot com and feel better Jack Taylor WTP traffic Thank you Jack Let's get our weather now with storm team fours Mike steinfeld Mike I got to tell you I am really regretting parking my car on the street this morning You might not be able to find it this afternoon If you go out and because we do have a lot of blowing snow.

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