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Top ten point guard in the history of the nba according to stephen smith forget about those three baskets at the end they can't he was five of fourteen he gets a point guard gave you three assists you've never sounded more like russo never boy guard are you gonna make an argument you finish the damn segment to poetry billion dollars david tepper i think he just paid for it all there were higher offers there you said here i don't wanna make those higher offers go away two point two billion dollars oncle dick nex i'm a one trick pony literally i show pa kids parties enact to that's pretty much it so excuse me for being bitter geico says not only could we save you money on car insurance but we do more like twenty four seven access online over the phone or even via or awardwinning mobile app will ooh la la aren't they multitalented hey i said or ganic carrots geico expect great savings and a whole lot more donlevatar as fascination in power rankings in fact i'm coming out with a power ranking for power rankings which espn's nfl power ranking right now is being at number third on my list well it's a good powering still god's to in one on that list you know this is where historic falls because it's a competing it's a non espn entity so we don't want to air it on this hattie play airtime vc's they live at our show with stu gods on espn radio this may be very.

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