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You can buy a gun. Like I woke up one day on Saturday never wanting a gun in my life. I was playing halo. Oh, and was like, you know, what I think I wanna rifle and I went to the store and I bought a gun. I walked up like eleven o'clock in the morning at a kademi sports outdoors. I had a rifle what else about Texas. I feel like like when I started hate on Texas, but the older I get the more appreciating. It's very large. So if you just don't like a city there's been four giant ones there's Houston. San Antonio, Dallas think a missing one he sinned. San Antonio Dallas Austin. Four giant cities. And then if you are like, if you are one of those people that is super duper conservative, and, you know, maybe Spreckelsen racism in it, you can go out to Lubbock, which is a kind of bigger city out in the west, Texas. So. I'm kidding Lubbock is not a city with racist Senate. Maybe now maybe in the past but on but on the trip that I came back from we were driving through Beverly Hills. And Hollywood like, I guess it may be Hollywood hills or Beverly Hills one of the two, and there's some really nice houses. They're like in the like double digit, millions mcguiunness triple-digit. Millions is just like, wow, that's a lot of money. Will you drove past Beverly Hills dissolve that's where I wanna be. Ha ha ha ha. You just ate it. When I try his ties long legs into the show. Don't you because you know, too many songs, and you shouldn't you should do should not make song references to old songs their debt? Eighty gone knows longs. I'm sorry. That I know songs. I Paul does. Just just kidding. All right. I don't know any of the new songs makes you. I don't either. I don't think I know Arianna Grandes killing the game though you. Go ahead. I'm sorry. I interrupted your swagger. No. I think you started one less article, right? No, this is you. Yeah. We didn't finish Tuesday. I'm sorry. I was like lightning. I got Wednesday Senator in crypto critic Elizabeth Warren enters twenty twenty US presidential. Oh, great. Yeah. G see article United States Senator. Cryptocurrency critic Elizabeth Warren who we all know has announced her bid for president twenty twenty the New York Times reported in December thirty first falling announcement sitter warm plans to visit the state of Iowa everybody's going to Iowa which hosts the first presidential caucuses in the country and February twenty twenty. Cockatiels warns the senior US Senator from Massachusetts and has held office in the Senate since two thousand thirteen the Senator is no criticism of cryptocurrencies. Having repeatedly expressed concerns that cryptocurrency consumers could be heard by scam initial going offerings while also stating that crypto is easy to still. Houston. Oh, the fuck. You're doing Senator sorry, I should be more respectful. Madame Warren gentlewoman warn. You don't know what you're doing speaking. At a Senate is not easy to still speaking at a Senate banking committee hearing October warn asserted that the challenge is how to nurture productive aspects of crypto with protecting consumers. The Senator also outlined that American consumers are falling victim to cryptocurrency scammers Senator warned reiterated her critical stance of inverse aiding. Oh shit Jesse. It's a quote. It's it's American families that end up paying the price when any regulator says were more interested in Wall Street what I think is that we need a Federal Reserve that is engaged in watching where risk builds up in system. That's the feds job. That's not the job of American families. I don't like that. I agree. I had to sprinkle my opinion. And what she said there, and I just wanted to say I didn't like that. Let's keep reading regulate way by the way, by the way, like this ties into basically what she's saying that it's not it's not the job of American families to basically. Understand how their money gets invested by Wall Street directly and then indirectly pay taxes when the government bails host read out. But what I'm getting at is the fact that. There was the reason why patriot is actually.

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