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It. I love it Archie. I just think it's so cute. My friend Mari has a baby named Archie Archer are okay. But has a has a name. Yeah. Is that the nickname Archie nickname? I think his name is Archer. And then that's the nickname is. But it's just Archie. Thing is though if that's what you want the child to be called. I mean, I get my former co host Jon Hansen on twin cities live his name is John. It's not Jonathan his birth. Name is John. Jay, jamie. His his name is Jamie and people always are Lincoln's James, and then it's Jamie. No. So I mean, if that's the name that you want your child to go by then you just go with it. It's interesting though, because sometimes it's nice for a child have options. That's true. Maybe he doesn't wanna be Archie. Maybe he's gonna wish he was an Archibald earner -ture. Maybe he will in doctrine if he's gay. He's gonna wanna be an Archibald because the gays liked to have the long names. Brad. But once you come out, then you. Whole name change your come out here. Idea that there were so many rules involved with that in Scotland Archie means true and bold in Germany. It means truly brave the newborns. Middle name Harrison is of English descent. And of course means. There you go. In case, you forget, the moniker is also a tribute to Princess, Diana. As one of her ancestor ancestors was Archibald Campbell ninth Earl of Argyll from Scotland. The everyone loves that old Archibald of Argyll ninth. Earl. I many words and stuff and. Bothered with word. I don't even know one eight do what's interesting is the child's last name Mountbatten Windsor, and the story about that is like worth like talking about it a whole separate podcast episode of random things, you don't need to really know about that. Actually, very interesting because are we doing that pod? Kathy of the Mountbatten Windsor name, basically, both of those names are not real and fake. They're made up. I mean aims kind of. Yes. And just totally. So it's just it's names her weird. And so much of the Royal family history is made up fake. It's really like he's counting or Queen you too. You can do so rule on a Royal title. And this is what a Royal commentator tweeted as we expected, Harry and Meghan have foregone a courtesy title for their child all part of giving him as normal life as possible. So. That is as possible because we all know hit the odds of him having a normal life. Yes. Impossible not normal. Elizabeth today too. Are so cute. Iraq was right there guys. There's there is some real historic historical significance to this. I mean, this has never happened in the Royal family, which has been stuffy Whitey McGuire sins for a very long time fluid really their actual actual actually they once you become rail, you have to go by Whitey, but to have Doria Ragland, Meghan, Markle's African American mother sanding there with the Queen and that Doria and Queen Elizabeth are equal grandparents of this child a big deal. I mean, it is it's a big deal, certainly. Yeah. It it shows a side of the Royal family that most people absolution into like Hello. Reality. And like this is a long time ago. I mean that lots of like interracial relationships everywhere. Yeah. Happens to be the first one there, anyhow Billy Bush got a job. This is big nose. Here's got a job that job. We are. Now in the world of comebacks. We have Louis C K in the twin cities this week comedy company performing and talking about how he suffered for the last year. Yeah, you have to put your phone and Billy Bush. You know, he had to suffer to really did. Bush got the raw deal. You. Okay. As a totally different scenario laughed. Yes. Something that someone writes saying, and he inappropriately laughed. How have have we all if you have not heard an inappropriate joke? And instead of standing up saying, I mean, I did it. I can't even count. How many times just this morning? But instead of standing up and saying. Appropriate tunes. Billy Bush got fired and raked over the coals and the other person in that situation got elected president. I mean that is a whole thing. He doesn't have a point. I'm just saying I love this like the season, we're in which is like these aggrieved white guys, you know, or now getting their, you know, their comeback. He's going to host extra extra an updated version of the current syndicated entertainment show extra. It's extra extra get it. So it's not just as regular amount of extra extract strength. He said we all have to be able to evolve. As we grow the guy that left the scene in two thousand sixteen was already a changed person since two thousand five when that audio was recorded of.

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