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Colin was wrong last week. Fifty plus executives coaches and players voted on top ten quarterbacks. I'll be damned dacca's seven. I've never thought of dak as a top ten guy of all put them in the twelve thirteen better than kirk. Cousins not sure he's as good as derek carr kind of twelve thirteen space. He doesn't have a great arm. It's okay he's athletic. But he's not like cuyler. Murray athletic or russell wilson athletic. But you know what. I gotta say it. Bottom line is the reason. I have the cowboys going to the playoffs. This year is back defense. Not the head coach. It's not that all offensive line. There's something to be said about. Being a quarterback is more than armagh. It's about intangibles. Intelligence leadership toughness guile and got that stuff coming out his ears where colin was right. I predicted that damian lillard when the trade rumors came out last week damian lillard say it's not true but he would keep the door open damian. Lillard said it's not true but he kept the door open. He said essentially he put the blazers on the clock. This was to put pressure on the blazers to make a move. Now i i do not know what move that would be. I think they could go to philadelphia. Get ben simmons. They'd have to give up. Cj mccollum something else. Probably but dame did what we expected. Which is he didn't want to take the glare from the olympics. He's not a selfish guy. He's got good self awareness here not gonna take as as they say the shade away from the olympics but he made it very clear. We gotta get better. I don't have an interest being a one and done guy in the nba playoffs. Where colin was right. Ben simmons officially is on the trade. Bloc daryl morey. The gm set a couple of weeks ago. And i gave myself a wrong. Sky's the future. And i'm like no right. I don't buy it for a second. Well sham on last week broke the story somebody. We trust implicitly. The es philadelphia is engaging teams in ben simmons which they should by the way. I'm ben ben. Simmons don't work and they don't like each other and ben simmons does have value on golden state. He could be a really interesting piece. But we never bought into the darrell. Moris part of our future. He shouldn't be part of your future. It doesn't work it doesn't fit. He can't be on a team of dominant that sets the lane. That's he he needed open. Because that's where he scores colin right colin wrong on be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine am pacific cedric. Sabaot is now joining us. Live so let's go back. let's go back. You played a couple years with dirk. Nowitzki let's go back cedric. you were more established. Your game was more refined at that time. Let's go back to dirk. what do you recall about. How rawal was he a very rock. I think the biggest thing about dirk was his work ethic. A lot of pressure was put on him. I don't know if you guys remember soon as they drafted milwaukee did and they traded him for robert tractor trailer don nelson senior stated and. He's gonna win work at a year. This kid is going to win work either year. He put a lot of pressure on the guy. So i think he came in like wild like slow down. Don't even know if. I really wanna be here. You know he even though he got drafted then. He started working every day. I'm up also. I was brought up by the cage as and barkley so training and putting myself in a position to get better each time that was something that a rebuilding organization. The mavericks were at that time. They were they a part of that. But i'm on one end. Dirk is on the other with. Kiki vandeweghe with del harris with dining nelson junior with his with dirks trainer and he and his teachers and They're getting him better. Even though you know it's like certain nights we play a great. Carl malone you know a guy who just gonna pound durkan split the whirlwind but he had to do all that work before before the game. I mean three workouts. And then you know sometimes dark would even go in and file twice just. He'll be a foul trouble to get his rest knowing that he got to go third and fourth quarter against a guy like carmelo. You know it's interesting so same same with janas. Who's not the shooter. He's not the offensive player initially dirk was but he's he's a bigger stronger bodies. Better defensive player. And i said this morning you can make an argument if he wins tomorrow night in three years. He's been an mvp twice a defensive player of the year in the finals. Mvp tomorrow night. Could i make the argument by tomorrow night. He's the he's the face of the nba janas. Let's go be tough to calm the face of the nba in milwaukee respect to the mid west air. But it's just it's really hard to get him on every single channel and on the pictures. I mean the bron still going to be that guy out there. Even though at the age of the high thirties for him. I think it's a progression period. And i love the fact that he's not willing to leave to go. Get a bigger sneaker deal or be on camera all the time or or being seen walking red carpets. And all that stuff. It's just a hard working guy and a lot of people really don't understand The reasons of why he's wanna stay. I think he's got a great deal. With with milwaukee great relationship. I you know he's playing with his brother. Who doesn't wanna you know have be able to play with your your brother on the same team. That's a bonus right there. you know. Rather he's capable of being in league or not. It has nothing to do with it. That's just that familiar face. And he's got a great team building around him. I don't think the prediction of being a jaanus being as big as he is now when they first rapid guy they really got thought they had somebody young and athletic and really great work ethic. But i think at progression the way he has put himself on up. Ashland being a mvp being so humble Putting this team on his back when they need him Being a two way player people get that about this guy. he's a great defender and now he's adding another dimension to his game. Which is all kinds of passing. Yeah no there's no question. He can tell his work ethic. You can see it every year. You know lebron's credit. Lebron kept getting better every year. He came in. He wasn't very good defensively then he developed a three point shot that he had a back to the basket. Low post game that was exposed against dallas in the finals. It is interesting you played in this league longtime in. You're a big body you. You're a big slender body in college. I watched you play live against. Unlv you are slender body. You got bigger and stronger because you're you're an nba nutrition nba weight rooms for eight or nine years and i watched this series. Phoenix looks so small. They're all these young guys. I feel bad for de'andre eight and go back to your career. Cedric the rafts. Swallow the whistles in conference finals and finals players to win it. I think that has been a huge bonus for milwaukee in this finals. Yeah those bulletin days a good thing that nca change the rules. Because i was starving. Most had no money to buy myself food. But then but i think it does help a physical team like milwaukee talked earlier to you about losing a big man when a when they went down with the injury. This is huge. Because you don't have that replacement.

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