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New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes star there Laurie well Jim gonna start on ninety five north bound get a disabled vehicle blocking the shoulder just before the pontiff street exit eleven in canton so watch out for that we are dealing with some light volume out there but some wet roadways that can really muck things up for us out there also keep in mind they have that new covert nineteen testing site that opened up yesterday morning at the showcase cinema parking lot right by the wing building a little that is the industrial AB offramp coming up the little connector there's of course once again today we'll be keeping an eye on route three and four ninety five around that area for the most part though like I said light volume up there the expressway just about a nine minute ride Braintree into the city right now you're doing okay also the airport tells the lower deck the Tobin and the liver connector all fine choices for you right now Laurie granny WBZ's traffic on the threes now the WBZ four day accu weather forecast as we check in live with WBZ accu weather meteorologist dean devore all right did him good morning us some showers out there this morning some of the heaviest down along the south coast of it looks like the rumble of thunder threat is diminishing quickly these showers are gonna move off shore wrestling a varying amounts of clouds the sun could P. gal the farther west you go as a better chance so it's going to be one of those range days again upper forties near the coast maybe even downtown only in the upper forties but then you go farther inland and you get up in the low to mid fifties later today chilly tonight partly cloudy number thirty nine tomorrow chilly in the windy comes a big story Jim as we go later tomorrow and into Friday very gusty winds eyes both of those days near fifty real feels in the thirties at best especially Friday also minor coastal flooding becomes an issue tonight through early Friday Saturday Sunday clouds breezy cool low fifties and and mid fifties dry.

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