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Lor, a first of all ObamaCare wasn't paid for a in that when you take a look at who was doing the paying it was the people who had increased deductibles increased premiums to the point where they could not keep the same coverage that they had. And if they could they couldn't keep the same doctor that that they could cancelling the mandate is not the the reason costs went up costs went up because government run healthcare isn't a cost effective system. You can point to Medicare. All you wish all you choose. But when we talk about the general populace, it is not a cost effective system. Eventually costs have to be cut. And as we have seen in the case of Charlie guard, and we have seen in the case of Alfie Evans costs are cut by saying. Some people are worth saving. And some people aren't based on the actuary tables. So if you believe that there's a value in taking away the rights of parents are regarding their children or telling people, you're better off just dying already. Well, then you're more than welcome to do that. You just can't get my vote, but let's not lie about ObamaCare. Obamacare does not work and Senator Joe Donnelly of Indiana is convinced we have to keep the subsidies going. Tell me how something works if it has subsidies. I mean, I'll wait I'll wait all day night. And all the time. Here's the problem. Here is the the the the clear issue. Some people hate Trump so much that anything he does they will say is wrong. Now, some people hate Obama so much that anything he does they'll say is wrong. I however, don't go.

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