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And you know that that sort of that lacked awareness. I think I think you know, in some respects also got overblown. But what? What an interesting arc for him from beginning to end two now and up a key figure here in the World Series. Yeah, it is. But you know what? I personally I don't hold anything against him on and I would hope that most people won't I understand that the that they you know, whenever you hear a professional athlete in particular talk about money. It just feels like a lack of touch and lack of reality. But people have to understand that a everything's relative that what you might Thank you. Huge at home is not necessarily in in the sports and entertainment world. It just isn't And everything is we're in a pandemic, so to me, A lot of things that gets said ah lot of feelings that are being had There is no baseline, right? We don't know what is the norm in a pandemic. So all of that stuff In my opinion, there's gotta be some leeway. Given the people that we just can't jump on top of everybody for something that has said And things of that nature wasn't the smartest thing ever. No. Is that what I'm going to remember Blake now for 15 years from now? Absolutely not. Chris Rose with us here on the sports later, a lot of talk about Clayton Kershaw tonight and everything that has gone into his postseason life. So this one This one's for and it's really interesting to the way that this fell with with no days off in the playoffs until now, And so now he's set up to really play a role here because he'll probably you'd think you know he's going to start two of these games. In this World Series. How do you sort of process what he's going through and what's on the line for him in this series? Okay, so I'll throw this at you 2017 against the Astros. What is your Clayton Kershaw moment. My Clayton Kershaw moment is the game. And if I'm remembering correctly was that game five? Five, where he was spotted a four run lead and then lost it and then spotted a three run lead after that, and I lost it again. I still remember where I was. I remember the friend's house. I was at watching that game. Right. So I think for most sports fans That's exactly what they remember You. No. What? You don't remember that in game one, you went seven innings. He struck out like nine or 11 and oh, by the way In Game seven, he came out of the bullpen and through four shot out any So two of his three appearances or dominant Two of his three The on ly one you remember is Game five. The only one So that is very That's kind of the path that his playoff career has taken has been phenomenal A times He's been pretty good at times, and he had a couple of innings where he's just a bit. And He takes responsibility for it. He doesn't run from it ever. I think the Dodgers have done a below average job. In helping him with his legacy. What I mean by that is They relied on him away too much. The playoffs are such a different animal. Every attack gets grinded out. It is not like a mid July start. It's just not And so how many times has Dave Roberts Off to his pitching coach at the time, and said. We go with a guy in the bullpen, or do we keep Clayton Kershaw in the game? Because he's really better than anybody we got down there. And that's not the usual discussion that most managers have. It's just not And they'll go get a guy his e R a in the playoffs in innings, one through five, I think is 359. After the fifth inning, it's 731 writes. So if you're the Dodgers, but by the way, that's not like no Dodger executive is listening in this interview. Our holy crap. I cannot believe that it's like they know that who know yes. So help him out right if he gives you five, really strong inning and you have a one run lead. Of course, don't send him out there to fail. Go get it. Get him some help, You know, I mean, he's not the same Kershaw's he was five years ago is not. It's an interesting take, too, because you know you mentioned the name. I'm here and Maura more people as they get into this. Siri's Start to talk about what this all means for Dave Roberts, much more than I hear people talking about what it means for Clayton Kershaw. What? What do you think is on the line for him in these next 54567 games. Well, See now this is another area where I I mean, this is almost unprecedented what he's delivered in terms of Success right and nobody has had this kind of run it, though, without lifting the commissioner's trophy at the end of the day. So I will say that we all know because of sabermetrics in the role that it does play, whether you like it or you don't. There are a lot of if then scenarios that are played out before the game. And my problem with this is that at the end of the day, Dave Roberts is the one that has to explain a decision that might have been made by an entire group of people before the game, And there's nothing wrong with that. If that's the way you want to go. Roll with it. But then Dave Roberts shouldn't be the one that's sitting in front of the microphones taking the heat while everybody else is hiding under their deaths. Like I really believe that if it is a group decision Come on down and explain it to people help us understand why the collective we made the call to take a guy out of the game. Or to put somebody else in it. Because I think that it's a little bit of what we deserve. I think it's It would take some of the pressure off the manager. Although people will say Hey, listen, Dave Roberts knows exactly what he is. He's got to be the front man for this stuff. We're not goingto get some guy who's part of the Sabre Metrics team. In the postgame zoom, right, you know, but but really, he's taking the heat. For a decision that is more than him. A really good point. It's a really good point. Chris Rose with us on the sports later, Chris, I don't want to let you get out of here without a little NFL as well. And I wonder you know yourself. You're such a big Cleveland fan. And last week was I mean, I don't know howto. Howto sort of unpack What Baker Mayfield season has been so far. It's been a little odd, and I heard some frustration. Where Where are you right now? With the the you know the progress of Baker's career. Well. They're his.

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