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It's it's got meetings being taking place working with mentor to get done. Like I love it, bucking, inspiring. It's thing again, look, if you have a whisper that like, man, this should really be this thing and you don't see it. That is like your call de ring ring. Yes, and his calling will you charges? I am so glad that you do this speaking directly to you. You are taking the charge. I am like so proud of you. This is a big deal. You probably don't save some lives. You're gonna create community. Yes, beautiful thing. If you are in Utah right now, keep an eye out, Camille let us know them name. When you open up, we will promote you on the pike. Cast on the podcast help like opening day, let's get you hell. Yeah, we wanna support these spaces because crucial lake. You talked about James, how lake these faces are. Necessary in needed. So yes, thank you for reaching out Camille. This is combat. Keep us posted some buying, and I went to a drag. I went to drag the other night on a little mini date, and it goes happy friend of mine and I saw what you saw when you went to always this and the very ro, yes, the very front row of this track show their this seemingly. I don't know. No, but this a sexual couple, making the fuck out on the front row and center of the structure. It was distracting one in say anything like I even I was making a some dude in the front row. It'd be like a lot ro pay attention show. It's called. I was etiquette too. I mean, I was making out, but we're on the side in the make out. You knew your way to a dark corner or. I was on the side. I thought about making out I was making out with him. I thought about you. Respecting space because some people wanna see about you what I making out. I do. I wanna be at all times. Okay. That time giving weird now get no moral conscience. You like on the side shame. Arthur, watch this show. I did. I had a check. I was like, can I be over here? Okay. We're on the side. Okay. But the gratuitous like it was intense. It was high schoolers, you know, in high school, I discover making out nasty. Yeah, you know what? I call that. James. I call that bachelor ING because on the show the bachelor or on the show, the bachelorette when they go on dates, they there's always a time when the couple on the date is either in the middle of a concert or there's like some ethnic group dancing and they push their way to the middle and they dance and take up all the place and start making out. So whenever I see that happening, I'm like, these, this couple's bachelor Itting Lou good. Can we trademark that one. Good Manala Judy, they'll be bad slurring up in our queer spaces. Affected any spaces. Yeah. But what if I do as a protest? Like I go to a Trump rally, I'm going to die. Yeah, known, you want to save your life. I'm just saying like some people wanna watch whatever concert or show that they're at. They don't necessarily want to see you in the middle of the floor rolling around block their viewing on the ground. I mean, sometimes it's. People, these role surreal. Sometimes you just can't like your your emotions get caught up into the heat of the moment and then rack. On this day. Aside and make. Okay, fair enough. Fair enough. Out in public. I'm not at all. I'm just saying like the concert. Yeah, I got to courtesy thing..

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