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That's what opens up your offense for your teammates. He's a great facilitator. And yes, he has is in his veins. Then you look at RJ Barrett RJ Barrett, obviously as skilled as any player coming out of high school reminds me of James harden. In fact, he finishes better than Jane's. Pardon did driving to his left when James harden was at era Zona state about twice as successful. And how guy Jalen rose jail Jalen rose, who great facilitator of the offense in the open floor. Finding players being unselfish RJ Barrett has that same ability and Cornell away. Athenee considered one of the best all time freshman seasons in college basketball history. He was really good in the so but his numbers are eerily similar actually offensively to what you saw from RJ, baron RJ Barrett in particular, that eyeso- in that mid range area is something that he can utilize his length elevate and finish. These are three really good players. This is why the focus of this draft has been on these three players and it's easy to say, okay. He's this, or, he's that I think it's more focused when you start to look at qualities and attributes that these players have that are transferable to that next level all these three guys in pretty good company. And look, I know the next one that number one pick they once I am, but I think they are parent, they'd be quite happy. Let's go to another. The NFL draft. And this one's all the way to next year. Greenie it's right around the corner. It's three hundred forty three days away, now from the twenty twenty NFL draft. And I'll Obama's quarterback to a alot is the current favorite in Vegas to go number one. But in his first twenty twenty big board released this morning. Melkite junior actually has to rank number four overall. Here's a look at the top five on males big board. You see the name, Jerry, Judy. That's one of his own wide receivers at Alabama at the top of the list and you see as it goes down. They would go buy low and some of the other names, there are a lot of quarterbacks who will show up very high on this list Batonga vilo as the top of the quarterback list. So let us bring Mel himself into the conversation. Good morning Mel, I want to clarify. It's a big board..

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Rj Barrett Rj Barrett, Rj Barrett, James Harden discussed on Get Up!

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