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That's an ice thoughts i assure arcos najat at yeah exactly exactly ads real drives nice are they ruled or over the front of iraq defined as a favorable i think the rule drive you know what i'd really love to do a video with before i fucking retire a beretta's z thirty four i don't know why like is is there a running beretta in los angeles like somalia yes there a beretta enthusiasts club out there all year there must be and there's also i looked at letting red owner does not have you that ec two baretta that's the shit right the green that was the those that you couldn't find is a sadder fuck infect are good yet thank god allah compound warfield our loyal the new valid good blue bailed on you can we get a good stock bullshit that pareto's digs i do you find a les sad beretta vows the that's a good will is that the g easy tennis lessons in my tennis instructor pick me up models logic those wales yes without wing that's a gt you you know who helped work on that car heiner see no matter no emerson fittipaldi i don't know anybody but you actually want to a funny beretta's story that beretta gt you right there uh gm basically use the beretta name without telling the beretta gun company you've got a little fog at best and she'll be they are there was a lawsuit and they worked it out and they were allowed to sell beretta's under the name beretta and as a show of good faith in appreciation for a beretta the gun companies understanding gm sent them a pair of lockheed chevy barata's which ours at the burden if you go to the beretta gunfire still day they are on the fucking if the same never my dad my dad went to the factory tax me a picture.

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