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The playoffs center. Point right so chernick so step dead. Saturday for gruff paul redirected and one of the lightning. What a pass by sabar pinson's head up. He's pulled in front of the net. Got stick on the ice with edmonton on them but the passes so perfect. It's right on to the stick of colton any just redirected into the net. And that is the stanley cup game. Winning the stanley cup winning goal. I guess think. I always think about that. Like for someone like roscoe and they just one thing for stamkos scored or kucherov for point. They'll be profanities so be meaningful but to have someone like ross coleman score that gorge died about matt you joseph's contributions in these playoffs at the two assists and coming up in big games. I don't know. I just really liked the fact that it was. Ross colton that scored that goal elliott. Because that does talk to the depth of the tampa bay lightning and talk. All you want about the superstars at the end of it tampa was just deeper and better than everybody else in this league. They were and i know people get upset. Some people get upset because of the salary cap. I've said it before. I'll say it again if the league and the teams wanted to close this loophole. They would've done it six years ago for patrick kane and they didn't and you know what it says to me. Is you have an owner. Who will do anything to win. You have an organization that will do anything to win you know. Tampa has some ruthlessness in their organization. They the way they negotiate contracts when you don't have leverage they can be really really tough really really tough but at the end of the day. It's all about winning for them and everything they do is about that and have one. Gm who thinks it's an absolute fiasco that breathes blood did not win gm of the year this year. Yeah i. I've heard a lot of that too. I agree and i waited for a text tonight. I didn't get it. But he is been on me about that being a total fiasco and you got to be ruthless. Sometimes to win. And that's the way tampa is. They will do everything they can and they proved it again this year. One more notable the depth of the tampa bay lightning was this the year and the play offs where everything gets a brighter light shined on it. Was this the play offs where everybody finally understood. Just how good. Eric sure nak is as a defenseman. I think there's a lot of guys. They're like search of how how far he's come chernick. Yes i believe craig. Simpson mentioned him in the post game. How much he's grown. But you know. Matthew joseph comes in and he's an impactful player you'll maybe turn back. Is the poster boy for this year but there were a lot of guys on that team that we talked about it on the one of the more recent podcasts. How many people do you think are calling our tampering with a good row and coleman while they're celebrating with the stanley cup. I'm sure it's app and we talked about that with alec martinez of course throwing good row in in in coleman who are you as and you know that was one of the themes in the post game whether it was john cooper on the ice whether it was steven stamkos at the podium. I mean openly talking about. Hey listen there's salary cap there's expansion draft. Don't expect this team to be together next season as we see right now even stamkos talked about how you want to win so bad. And you're so pissed off about last game and you come in this game and we just we reset and we just use. Everything is motivation this year. Kuch wasn't here in the regular season. We did our job. We made the playoffs. He comes back. We know we got a chance. We know you know going forward with the salary cap world that this might be the last game that this particular group place together. I can't say how much that motivated us. We talked about it midway through the play offs. We talked about it going into game. Five of the islander series. Let's take advantage of this opportunity that it's it's not very often. You get this chance to play with the talented team like we did. The reality is like a lot of guys that are going splits. Full here from the tampa bay lightning. Yes and that's a very powerful motivator. If you have a team that really gets along with each other that really works and it clearly worked in this particular case. I'm really curious to see what they decide to do here. Is there any way they can find to keep any of their guys that they wanna keep. We know that they use the florida state taxes to their advantage. If anybody is injured we know they'll use after caloric who came out and told kyle that he had a broken fibula a put a rod into it and tried to play. Anyway you know all the jokes were coming out of a well. There's the first contender for long-term injury next season this year. We all thought things were going to happen. And then the kucherov injury came out. Okay so i think you have to know and they waited and they waited and they waited. They did the lamb morello rule. If you have time use it now this time. They won't have as much time they're going to be forced to make some decisions early. But i'm really really curious to see what this team does. And how they go about trying to keep themselves really good for next year. Andrei vasilevskiy wins the kind. Smyth you care to talk about your ballot. Sure i had vasilevskiy one kucherov too. And i had a point three. I thought a lot about mcdonagh earlier in the round ahead kucherov one but you know kucherov played hard but he clearly this epoch press conference he had and and we'll we'll talk about that. Did anyone ask them. What is injury was. I didn't see it. No i think he has a pretty significant rib injury. Like i had a couple of people point out to me and we showed it in the pre-game if you watched the power play. They didn't score on at the end of game four. He has a one timer where he's just an agony. When it's over and you know the same thing kind of happened tonight. He had one one time or in the first period that price just eight alive but he clearly was not himself and you know i think vassilev ski again another shutout his record in after they lose his record and clinchers..

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