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Iheartradio goes one on lima taylor swift to find out how she's dealt with success at a young age i think for me i was really high priority having started this whole process and i was six my first album i got a lot of questions early on it in a fast train rat and what i gather from all of that is that it's really important to you our state you are listening to iheartradio for more from your favorite artists brain force of new we endorse it at all but that's not what the show it if you offbeat argue with every guest i've ever put on the year i can do that but i'm not going there i have decided to make the show informational so you can make of your online when you hear some but i'm not going to muffle somebody because i don't agree soccer going to happen chest because you join with someone that amine run from nobody learns anything from consumer affairs dot com here's stacy cohen on xm with a deal econsumer okay we all know a dog elite just about anything that's why they're so human stick keep dogs her meeting staff that's bad for them we hear all the time from consumers his dog's got sick and sometimes died after eating jerky traits hey there's an easy way to avoid us don't feed jerky tweets tear dogs students take out big loans to go to college beck can they pay them back they'd question total outstanding loans now.

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