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We're back Tiki review going on grant you for view. Not Not much Quinn. I'm Kinda I'm Kinda sick sick but instead of plow through it and have a chorus on glad because after last week when I figured out that this podcast was last on your priority list. Maybe got a couple of notches. Well Listen Listen Quinn because your health is now yeah. That's important. Yeah Yeah I'm listening you know what's you know what's cool. I love science because you can be sick right just pop a few dayquil throughout the day a one you just use the back back in business dude so fucking dayquil if you take will work. I don't know Dayquil Shitty. I don't it doesn't make you feel good makes me feel like Productive I guess you power through a day and when you're sick like for a cold for me like how I feel I still will have like two hours or three hours of feeling night. Not Sick If it's just a cold you know so like today. I had like two three hours. I'm like yeah I'm not sick sick. You know like woke up feeling like shit but now good Nice I like Dayquil Dick Night. Now you're gonNA take some NYQUIL at a bit hit the Hay and then you'll be a hundred heard ready to go. Yeah I don't know if I like NYQUIL or not makes me too drowsy. Yeah but I like dayquil yeah. I'm hoping this audio gets a little better dude. I was dealing with audio. Hell as well as we mentioned in the last podcast but to make a long boring story short. I had everything ready for our instagram post. And I was going to post the videos and the UNANI sound like what the hell these clips did not have sound on. My phone had sound on the computer when I transferred him to my phone and I don't know it's probably have to transfer everything to your phone because yeah there's no way. Ah probably some missing Kodak or something but what I had to do was to get a whole exit procure a whole new copy of the parasite going and get the clips again. You procure. Can You die down. You know and I can't really go in. I just I just get it from like another guy in. Yeah I mean we're all grow pretty tight universe sponsors that's right he's he's The biggest sponsor. He's what makes this possible. And then he ending all separate last week for your grant bow. I feel like we record the puck and it feels like shorter than a week. Yeah I don't know what did we do this like two days ago so feels like we just worked to work. Oh one thing. I don't know maybe grant can tell Kasese facetime and me but See that see that light there see. That's so light. That's it's a big light that I installed you saw the light was I mean yeah like I fixture some wires and shit and wire nuts through. Wait I don't know I just bought or anything on ceiling. Yeah it was like. It's like caps like the wires are they're not like drilling but okay but they include light fixture. Now there's some but there's like extra ones and you know the extra wires that were being used like extra extra light fixture places in there you can install lights and of course the Jeff was like. Hey it's a little dark in here. Gif Oh yeah. Yeah I thought you were like for some reason the jeff was some acronym in my ahead of the leasing agent said that you have told me you could like install lights but he did and she said I should so I did in. That was an experience so now for Dad I am turning into a dead more and more every. Yeah except you're not paying for a mortgage US paying for reading gang screwed. Yeah now I'm thinking I'm thinking cheap. I'm like when I move out. I'm taking that white face with me. you're not scanning MIATA thirty forty dollars all right great. What are we talking about today today? We're we're starting down a path that you're GonNa have to tell me is continued or not but anyway so last week we decided To start you know going down the list of all the twenty nineteen movies that now. Now they're in the top I'm DB2 to fifty shit. They're they're they weren't there before they came out now their list and out of all this was last place I believe in two hundred something but is at twenty nine thousand nine movie Called the Irishman and it is a ethic crime film film directed and produced by yours. Truly Martin's Chris. Grant's favourite director. Oh and then it was based. It's based off a book so the alternative title of the movie in the name of the book is called. I heard you paint houses houses and it surrounds The mob loosely. But the main figure sure it's surrounds. Is the union president. Jimmy Hoffa Dan. I mean Frank Sharon. Yeah Yeah frankly. I think he's the main I think he's the main character but attack in terms of following a famous historical figure figure. It brings light to someone you don't know which is fred cheering but in terms of a figure and kind of talk better his history. Jimmy Hoffa's the person the name you'll recognize right so tell me grant would you think give it to me straight It's a three and a half hour coming straight early every single person. That's what's the film his. Probably we said. Yeah it's a fucking long movie and it is in only needs to be no And my my friend Well it's interesting because Deniro seventy six A little off topic. I thought the seizure. I was great. I thought it was good. I do not remember. I thought this film over like twenty years I was like Oh because this project was started in two thousand seven I think so I was like. Oh maybe these shots are just like super old and they did a good job or makeup like they do a lot of de aging CGI I thought that was those great though. This is seventy nine to really Jimmy Hoffa. Well he did meet with that yeah he he looked young But but anyways It's GonNa be their last movie. I would assume right like not. Not like they're gonNA died before they get another chance to make a movie just like they're probably retiring their seventy six and seventy nine so probably not gonNA continue into make many movies and felt like an amish to them in a way because they both goodfellas. And that is Martin Scorsese's Christi's probably arguably most famous film Same Two main actors and My friend kind of off the way he put it was marsh worth raises. Like kind of an old grandpa going on a long rant. That's what this movie was where you're like doc are a grandpa like cut to the chase. Yeah long winded. The slow burn which I didn't mind the ad for for the first two hours Really we mean Quinn. Have a group chat with a few other friends ends in. One of my friends was complaining. About how long it takes to do laundry and I was like well at least you're not awash in this three and a half hour movie and at that point when I paused it was two hours. There was still like an hour twenty minutes and I was like pretty much done with the move like this is like that. Yeah and I like that kind of stuff later. Sopranos and Madman Pretty Slow Burners They're not that exciting exciting. I don't know why this one you know it. It didn't it. Felt not do not feel like three and a half hours. I'll give him that but it did feel long. I think you can keep going with that. GRANDPA analogy like. It's it's a real slow burn. 'cause you've kind of like heard the story before from your GRANDPA. I mean it's the story Korea. They're telling all this mob mafia stuff like those great movies and TV shows. They're they're already out there and I don't know with there is room for another one. What is this adding you know like what's new about this that I don't know you think of the cool thing in and again it? I think this would be a perfect movie for me. Be The first song was it was like an old school. Oh I think it was like a nineteen fifty. Yeah it was like a nine hundred fifty nine hundred sixty nine hundred fifty six actually in the still the night like I love this like old-school song and it's just like a long shot like that's screams madman to me. I'm like okay. I'm I'm really puts you back in the time I am. I love period pieces Because a madman and to put you and it does put you back in time but still still man is. I don't know it didn't it got old and I was really excited for it and it's still lose as you and I don't know.

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