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The Walter m sterling all right there. We are W P H D in Philadelphia K K in Sacramento, we just shared the secrets of how to win the California state and Pennsylvania state lotteries that was in the first hour. Now, we come onto the second hour on Oscar night coming up in just a second. James Paul who is at sorry, James rope, who is at the Oscars will share with us is impressions of the Oscars tonight. This will wind up being the lowest rated Oscars in history because who the hell cares about these movies. Nobody cares about these movies. And then Randy Thomas, who's the voice of the Oscars. She'll be with us later on tonight too. It's a very big show very big Oscar to show, but since nobody cares about any of these movies. Nobody knows who these stars are. I don't get it. I thought we'd discuss what you and I could actually discuss which have you ever touched a celebrity not have you seen one in a restaurant. But if you ever touched a celebrity, and I touch Diane lane for fourteen bucks. No, she didn't charge me fourteen bucks to to touch her. What do you think? I am a sports team owner in Boston. I was in a yoga class, which costs fourteen bucks. And there was Diane lane. And they said partner up, and I I'm holding. Diane freaking lanes hips. Kelly in Virginia listening WMA L Bill has station. The home of the legendary Bill has who never returns a phone. Call mary. Walter who owes me her career? Hello. How are you? I'm good. Thank you. I touch James Brown. Hot pants. Well, I was I have a limo for six months, and I got a call to pick James Brown up at his hotel and bring him to the venue, which was three blocks away. So he comes out and he's wearing a full length for coat. He's got a woman on each arm. Gorgeous model kind of woman and he was carrying a box. Cardboard box, and I come up too, many the boxing. He says here which is in the trunk. Yes. What is it a cake or something? And he says now, it's my hair dryer. And he had this giant hairdryer? Could he had really tall big air and he brought his own for after the show. So when he was handing me the box, I touched him. And then when he came out, so I could drive them back, three blocks. He kept me a fifty this was in the eighties. That was a big dip back then still. And said, thanks Kelly. This is an outstanding story it's Oscar night. It's Oscar night, which designer are you wearing tonight. Oh, I'm gonna wear the devil wears Prada fabulous. Thank you so much for calling sterling on Sunday. Might eight eight six eight eight wwl T eight eight eight six eight eight nine two five eight eight eight eight six eight eight nine to five eight which celebrity have you actually touched Nick. And Chicago welcome to sterling on Sunday. Yes. Thank you, rather. Be listening. You live which race on the beginning rather than watch the Oscars live anytime. You can't beat a live show on a Sunday evening. You gotta be an information news, the politics Jeffey like me. And there's a lot of on WLS who have you touched who have you touched. Okay. Well, a couple of people I mentioned that if you include like just Kevin someone on his shoulder shaken hands with someone that's touching. One would be rose Marie. I met her in Las Vegas are staying at a hotel there on the strip and about three hours by first trip there as about nineteen seventy eight or does I recall, and I went down to the coffee shop, and I just happened to see like I'm sitting there. And I'm looking I can't believe I here she comes in. And I I guess it was her son was with our maybe it was a starting. I don't know. But it's okay. But so I went over and just talk her for a few seconds, like fifteen seconds. I say just wanna say really enjoyed John Dick Van Dyke show, and all she's all thank you chapter on the show this alka seltzer. Nice talking to you. Then I love because I I could just tell she wasn't comparable like getting the attention shifts. There'd be like nobody around Las Vegas. There's always somebody robbed. And then in Jacksonville, Florida. This is maybe nineteen eighty eight hundred eighty nine if I got her, right? John Travolta at a place called jacks. Jacksonville. Landings are also. John Travolta, I shook hands with. Nick. There you go. That's terrific. Thank you very much for your call at eight eight eight six eight eight wwl T, eight eight eight six eight wwl t why doesn't my hang up button work. Why doesn't mind button work? Stephen West Virginia listening WMA AL, welcome to sterling on Sunday touching celebrities which celebrity have you touched I touched Bugs Bunny. Wow. Now, this is Diane lane three. That's pretty awesome. I wasn't hard student in Pittsburgh, which is a lecture watch cartoons listened to Mel Blanc talk about his career, which was great. But after the show he invited people to come back one by one and sign autographs for them. So I, of course, got in line. And when I got up to to the room to the autograph, I said Mr. blank, I've been waiting twenty years to shake your hand, and he laughed which I think is even greater than touching. And he shook my name. And. My hero. That is a great moment. Steve. And I appreciate your stories. That's great thing about being on the radio at this time. The grownups are in bed. That means I get to tell you my stories you get to tell me yours. That's the best part of being on the radio. Now, steve. Last week. We had this bizarre story about a television star who was expressing her milk for her baby. And her co-star drank some of this milk. Some of this breast milk. Would you drink a woman's breast milk? Well, of course, it depends on who it is. I suppose therefore the question, which celebrities milk would you drink Steve? Decides Diane lane. I don't know. I don't know. It is a tough one. Jennifer Connelly would be my first choice. Thank you very much for the call. Steve one. Can't disconnect those calls. Why can't I push the button and disconnect those calls? What's that lock thing me? It shouldn't be locking like that. It should just be an hour. There you go just to do the arrow. Eight eight eight six eight eight W A L T eight eight eight six eight eight nine to five eight Steve welcome to sterling on Sunday. Hello, steve. Hi, Steve two experiences. Yes. I got the dance with Felicia Rashad that was in Las Vegas, and that was a long time ago. So I'm sitting right next to the stage with puppy dog is and I guess she felt sorry for me. It'd be come up and stance on stage. But the better one was as an a sausage Chicago and a really crummy warehouse doing some work, and there's three guys in the alliens. Some guy goes me like eight hundred dollar coats. So look they're gonna get mugged. So they're looking at the building. And I'm like, well, maybe that's an architect or something. So I go out and talk to the guy second, you need me to move these trucks out of the way, or whatever, you know, to get a better look into building. Let me know. And he says well have you ever done any acting like, no? And he's like, well, my name's Rupert Wyatt. And shook my hand is is I'm the director of singing, we're going to shoot a major motion picture in this building. A couple of weeks could be good for one of the parts. Would you mind auditioning disgraceful? Full of baloney. So it took a picture of him, whatever. And then a couple of days can run over with a clipboard after my name is in my name. And sure enough an hour later, the casting company called me up said can you come into later on today and reinforcing like no tomorrow morning. Concrete order that get that fast afternoon. So they sent up before pages of lines. And I tried to learn my lanes in thirty minutes. I got up extra early called the inspector and had him from inside. We could do our job early, and I could get there. And that was kind of my biggest mistake 'cause I didn't practice enough? I should have waited over the weekend. It was a Friday should wait until Monday and my audition. And I I'm driving home. I called the guy backup is gonna do over on Monday because they didn't do that better than most the actor said actors how many actors is it forty crap he goes, but don't worry about the director like all, right? Steve's last week, Hillary bumper. Yeah. That wasn't a. I wasn't a good story that wasn't it. Stop stop that. Wasn't. That wasn't a good store. I need better stories than that. Let's try. Let's see who. Should we try? Bobby in Florida. Welcome to sterling on Sunday. We're talking about celebrities. You have actually touched eight eight eight six eight eight nine two five eight eight eight eight six eight eight nine to five eight. Hi, bobby. Okay. Well, just we start off when I was at Atlanta. I used to be street performing saying on the street. I got Chad. Take Al Shabaab had did. I got you as a group. Ideas. I got ya. Jerry in a couple of them out pretty good. And what I do. But it was a real shock and feeling because I get all was. Come on my diet. My wife my hands. I just in my life. Moran. No you. Bobby? Thank you very much for the call eight eight eight six eight eight wwl T eight eight eight you've upset the monkey upset the monkey. That's not a minor thing. I had to bring the monkey with me because they were in home and the only way to shut up the monkey is with the cassette came with. I got it. On July fifteenth nineteen sixty seven to records debuted on the billboard hot on hundred chart of the very same song. But two completely different presentations of it one was from the east coast and the other from the west coast. Well, it's good. We don't have to play it because the monkeys shut up already. Eight eight eight six eight eight wwl TV believe me the CBS broadcast center. They were not happy to see the monkey definitely not happy to see the monkey which you fix it. So I can hang up on the calls because I can't have a rhythm to the show unless I can hang up if I'm saying goodbye. And they keep talking that. We have no rhythm Harry in Massachusetts. Welcome to sterling on Sunday. Hi, harry. Hello. How's your unique? Well, it's marginal. How's yours? Pretty darn good. How about yours? Okay. We went through that. Who have you touched say W Awa LT? Who's actually at the Oscars? He will give us a summary proud of everything that happened. Plus, we have Randy Thomas freakin Randy Thomas, who's the voice of the Oscars of the woman. You hear on the Oscar? Telegraph telegraphs. Yes. On the telecast, she will share with us her impressions of being the announcer on the Oscars. I'd like to know which celebrity you have actually touched eight eight eight six eight eight wwl T eight six eight eight wwl t sterling on Sunday..

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