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Of only one thousand one hundred nineteen financial advisors out of a firm of more than fifteen thousand to receive the award tiffany loves working with everyone in whatever life strategy that they're in is money controlling you or are you controlling your money what's important to you matters and it also matters to tiffany and that's why i have her here that just gives me a warrant found with fuzzy when i read that last part of your bio tiffany just excited about our topic and we're gonna talk a little bit about women how women can make financial progress i will let you know that she does talk with what men and i do like men listening to the show as well but sometimes us girls we gotta have some chat with the girls oh we do have a man here in studio so go ahead and tell me a little bit about yourself or share a little bit about yourself with my listeners tiffany or and i do love and working with men as well just women have a little bit different challenges when it comes to retire in so we'll so for me i grew up in seattle and went to blanchette when it was not bishop blanchette so the longtime ago sterling community college just a local girl ground grew up around green lake my hobbies are jewelry making antiquing and anything vintage and anything below seven love me some bond so i know kind of crazy but it's true and tiffany what about edward jones what you know with your expertise and your history and the real in the financial arena there's a lot of companies to choose so why were jones you know it really was a really interesting to me when i heard a few things when one was in two thousand eight when to the crisis happened edward jones did not lay a single person off nobody raises but not a single person got laid off and that was huge to me you were also the largest partnership in the world would mean which means we're not publicly traded on stock market we're always going to do read spread right for investors and.

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