Rory Mcelroy, Dustin Johnson, Watson discussed on Fore Play - 2017 Open Championship Week w/ Brandel Chamblee


A in april phil goes into the speediest center at the masters in goes why don't players wing like this like i think he took towards right on my mouth the right out of my book araya it but yes uh exactly uh you know phil mickelson i i don't put his golf swing anywhere in my book like nowhere is his golf swing in my book because it's just you know it makes no sense at all it's off planets all over the place it's not it's even started down off plane which is no great realized i mean the it all makes sense starting down may look like crap going back but halfway down its own plane he sees it and this guy somehow hits the debbie hits it amazing right but he does it because he's got this long and he's got time to create so running it what he his overall golf swing absolutely is the model of what i advocate you know if you look at the positions in their you know he's like a over caffeinated conductor in an orchestra you don't know what the hell is um but it yes so phil is spot on their mmhmm if if i'm justin thomas if i'm jason day farm rory mcelroy i'm jordan speed if i'm these players on figuring out how to have it dustin johnson does this and he blows by these guys bubble watson does this he blows it by these guys i'm figuring out how to extend my right leg your right hander golfer get my right hip high air lift my you know get my left knee behind the baf crown out latin me imagine you guys got baseball players run here who's lenny dykstra okay so imagine a baseball player great hitter ill with all the potential hit a home run imagine if somebody said to him all right when you're setting up okay when you're in the battersby.

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