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And it's going to snow off and on until about midnight not a lot of it is sticking on the freeways but it's really gathering up on the grass and roads are very very wet where the saltzman laid down at it is starting to pile up on some secondary roads anyway two to four inches of woods what we're expecting tonight there is a winter weather advisory not just because of the snow and rain because of the visibility issues five six says that it should all end around midnight so ending around midnight wendy low thirty one then tomorrow partly sunny should warm up a bit into the low forties forty two for a high friday partly sunny forty eight saturday partly sunny forty nine and sunday partly sunny fifty three degrees brewers one this afternoon at miller park twenty seven thousand people were there to watch the game and greeted by returning to their cars to see a snow storm going on other brewers one hundred nothing same scores last night and they did the same way six shutout innings from the a starting pitcher today's davies and the runscoring to run over by eric theme same thing as last night that's now themes as seventh home run and about his ninetieth against the cincinnati reds in the last couple of years it's always amusing hearing liberals fight with one another this was last night at the milwaukee school board meeting at the school board meeting when they have the public comments section the teacher's union always sends a representative up to get up there and gripe and whining yellow more muddy the issue that she was talking about was the proposal and school transportation funding this is another case of who gets what money out of the huge pot of money that nps has in some school board members has said that if fully fund.

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