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Respect like i'm big on that and if you racking with me and you have these qualities are return that so when we have someone down like cindy because this happens we this is everyday life so what we do is because sydney's hamstring that the moment from coming here but should be back in the next thirty forty days and we'll take a break anyway. We waited out and we get everything together. And i could easily go. Y'all got somebody else to sydney comeback. We're gonna change everything around i. I don't. I don't live that way. So whatever may go through. Just like with the borough leslie. We're all in this together. So so cindy hasn't been here in three months but she's working with everyday and she's every mean i mean i mean basically in the studio for yeah but the thing is should be back in the next forty days and we'll just wait it out and says she returns because this show this show doesn't work without her met when it comes down to loyalty i mean i could easily go to adult theme in tallahassee and go yard f- that i'm gonna do this and i'm gonna do dat but no no because it's a bigger picture in this and i know that this woman puts her heart and soul in what we do each and every day so we waited out and to our beloved comes back with each and every morning before we go on right bobby so before going ahead we have like ten. Maybe sometimes twenty minute conversation on what we're going to do for the day and find your cell behind the stairs right exactly so. That's how i look at this whole situation. And this show will go to a whole 'nother level and win it explodes with blesses. We're just so grateful that you guys who are part of that. I just wanna say thank you so much for telling you that because i was really curious how they all met. And barbie is just an absolute the lights I'm so glad that you say yes to sean. Because you're supposed to sweetheart. I can wait for my shirt. I cannot wait. I'm hoping it gets here before. I go to california next week. Ask by tomorrow right and things like you know we we we. We want to support each other. You know what. I'm saying like we finally been able to monetize through facebook. Bobby's doing her hustle Directly through this show. And i don't mind that because she puts in all work and she puts in the time and i advocate for that until we reach a whole 'nother level. And that's the thing here with branding that we do here. Now when i come out with the merchandising shut it all down a bunch of moore's gonna have all that but that's another issue because i'm working on the behind the scenes part with this the take this show to a whole 'nother level so we're all in this together because you guys are just with us. You're part of the show just as much as everybody else. I mean we here doing this show and ness. I feel like that like my blessings will continue. Because i see the bigger picture and i'm here to to do my part because it's a team so we and that's how nice community you set up an ice community in the chat room. Everybody is so friendly. It's a very nice community. So i love when he used word. Because that's exactly what it is community can get up in the morning of roll out of bed and thing pops up on my phone. I'm like let me see who's on like the morning. Everybody know it's just a nice communities something a little extra aside from your normal day to day life will we're baffles me as well. I see listened to my insanity every morning hockey. We still shouting out the room right. You know we never we had. I sorry. i'm doing what we do. After we do this. We are going to announce announced the sharon. Yeah see liddy is in the hague charles. Good morning to you. And i believe he said today was his birthday. Happy birthday to you charles. Happy birthday happy to happy birthday yet. Have birthday the book. Free ninety alitalia's here. good morning. Hope you feel better get well soon. And yet i'm gonna mckinney. Affects is no joke. I'm just getting a roof things. Horrible tiffany thompson is here. Hey girl showing hell sean. Hayes jones is in the building. Haley on danielle william. Jack remember the week a chat room jemele. Yes for a few more minutes Wait the barber. Said barbie came in two twenty. Nineteen when belinda loss. Child-support border say. Why became a twenty nine. T loss by jazz support going leave. That alone is gone out. Marquess mr johnson. Hey mark the more you sink. Corey gil cries. Hey cinco everywhere you ban brown. Hi how you. How have you been isn't an bill then Shimmy love is here. Hacia make good morning to you sir. Prince brian is is the bane. Ivo sloppy i was writing fast. I think bain. i'm naive serpents. Thank you believe you your new. We appreciate you watching. Please let us know. How did you hear about the show and share this show with your people. Thank you john copper. New fan radio is in the building. What's up john. Hey july the rhyme just popped in good morning to you out to dawn smith. Hey doing good morning prentice box. Good morning mr robinson. Hey baby hey. David jackson is in the bill. Hey good morning natalie. Turner is here. Hi natalie good morning to you. Shut out to julius. Geller shaw come. On julius nicole harris haynick. Oh the godfather sola tracy raise in the building. A diane hall is here. We had a diane whole. Hey girl good morning jessica. A wilcox in the building. What's up jessica. You checkout to audrey johnson. Happy birthday odri. Happy birthday to happy happy birthday. Hager trina pinker in building train darrow. Lying is here. hey darrow. Good morning rock keen is in the building. Hey rock good morning to you. Shell shampoo was here. good morning. sonia. Murray hey girl Angel johnson ended the hey angel. Kyw gonzales some horatio. darren tell is here. hi dan sharon bella. Czar zero fabulous fab is in the building. Good morning Murph is he added. Hey merv shabby the the shelves such the soldiers here. What's up girl. Hey shonda thomas. King is in the building seeing lynn rooney. Hey chris do. I make sure that commodore on that radio app you can see here as he could catch twenty dollar tree. Gay is in the building. Hey trick iga morning and shelagh. Hollis here good morning. Shayla believed all the names. That i've seen because i don't know she'll be cutting me up if i.

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