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Up next. Luca adapts to a new way of life but continues to serve how country country now back to the story from April two thousand seven to two thousand twelve Belgium. Alan Watt German shepherd mix. Luca served three tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq running more than four hundred successful patrols. Her nearly perfect record was only marred by her accident. On March Twenty third two thousand twelve which resulted in the loss of her front left leg. Her TRAINA China. One Rod Rodriguez sat in on conversations while vets debated the best way to amputate limb. They could keep a stub in place. which would allow Luca to wear a prosthetic or remove it all the way up to her torso veterinary prosthetics? Were still new. And relatively untested arrested at the time and preserving a stump carried risks. Her muscles would atrophy and introduce other complications. Luckily she was strong and had been in excellent health prior to the explosion with assurances that she should easily learn how to walk on three legs. It's Rhode gave his permission for Lucas entire leg to be amputated then to ensure she never felt alone. He sat in on the surgery later. Were Luca slept off the painkillers and sedatives rod stayed in her cage. She didn't leave his lap until the next morning when he and one of the hospital. Workers Corrup- they outfitted her in a special a harness designed to help her regain her balance until she adjusted to the missing limb injury hadn't dampened her bright. Demeanour Lucas strolled around the grounds outside the surgery tail wagging she was undeterred by her injury and still thrill to see brought outed has signed the next day. Only forty eight hours after the amputation. She was comfortable walking without the Hanis at all. Rod didn't know how long it would take lucre to recover completely but he certainly didn't expect that little more than a week after her surgery she'd it'd be back to sprinting at full speed. Gladly running down thrown toys and cheerfully depositing them at rods feet. Lucas recovery recovery process was bitter sweet for Rod. Of course he loved her and wanted to see her learn to run and play again but he also knew the once. Luca was back on her feet. She'd be discharged and he would have to say goodbye. The Fateful Day arrived on July fifth breath. Two Thousand Twelve road was delighted to learn that. He was approved to accompany Luca on her flight to Helsinki. where she'd be reunited with Chris? He was even granted a few weeks of leave to help. Luca transition back into Chris's care. It would give him a little time to to let go. The morning of their international flight. Road and Luca Played One last game. Fetch even though he'd been at her side through her entire recovery practice. He was still astonished that she was just as quick and agile. She'd always being. It was like she. She didn't even notice one of her legs was missing the flight to Finland felt endless and Rod wasn't the only one who is anxious as Chris. Willingham drove to the airport with his wife and two daughters. He wondered if Luca Uca had forgotten about him even worse. He worried that her personality. My tip changed thanks to her trauma. What if the happy playful dot? Oh He'd once love was gone forever. His concerns continued to swell through his mind as the plane pulled up to its gate when the passengers filed out the doors and spilled into the terminal. Chris immediately spotted rod and Luca. The dog doc was unmistakable. Even in the crowd. Chris Knelt forward extending his hands. Even though Luker was three legged rod could barely keep up with the dog she strained her leash pawing at the air and and barking in her excitement to finally be reunited with Chris. Finally she reached her first love and disappeared into his arms. uh-huh a massive clothing Luca jumped and licked her master. He laughed petting her and scratching her their head. Joyous meeting was everything he'd hoped it might be as man and dog hugged and celebrated Rod Hung Back. This wasn't his celebration. It was his heartbreak Chris. Rod whisked Luca from the airport and took her to to her new home. They went on walks and tours together as the days went on road spent less and less time with the dog better for her to get used to not having him around later before he left. Helsinki road gave Luca a warm hug. Uh He whispered. I just want to thank you for being there to watch over me Luca donor. I'll ever see you again. But if there's any chance chance I can. I will never forget you but you're going to have a great life in this family. This is the future you deserve. Be Good looker. As for Chris he was eager to make her civilian life as joyful as he possibly could as he told. CNN in a later interview. Today I do my best to keep her spoiled in her well. Deserved retirement and Chris and Luca had their happy ending but previous trainer had vowed to find a way to see her again and he meant to keep that promise which was why. Rod Attended Dallas's Sky Ball on October Twenty Six two thousand twelve the fund raiser Razer garlic celebrated military heroes and veterans and that year for the first time ever one of the honorees was an animal specifically Luca while roadway to pick up his luggage at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. He felt the poke of a wet nose rose on his leg. He immediately knelt to hug the dog. He'd missed so much Luca. Positively squirmed with happiness. She couldn't contain tain the ball. Which Chris and Rodney both attended cemented? A lifelong friendship between the veterans. They had one thing in common. That love for Luca and while they'd always respected each other now. They became true companions in the years that followed rod frequently reunited with Luke and Chris at public events. They all shed afloat during the Rose Parade on January first two thousand thirteen the following year. The trio marched together in a veteran's Day parade and were among the first to tour the newly constructed four four World Trade Center for the first time in her life. Luca didn't have to choose between the two trainers she loved. They both came to her but she wasn't content to just play with her two loves a nap her days away. She wanted to get back to work retired. Working dogs usually adapt best when they find ways to keep busy. This is because service canines tend to be highly intelligent and up for a challenge. These traits make them good in the field and they don't go away once. The dog is discharged from its job. In fact giving a former working dog regular regular stimulation and challenges is one of the best ways to help them transition to their life as a pet in Lucas case. That meant that she. It didn't fully retire at toll but instead changed career parts beginning in March two thousand thirteen nine year old. Luca began working with veterans to Provide Comfort and hope she and Chris traveled from military base to military base letting former servicemen and women. Pet Her hug her and play with her. She was great at her new job after all she was a veteran too do and had been injured on the field of battle but that didn't dim her hopeful spirit her happy grins and wagging tail. Promise that a better life lay ahead for other wounded vets. In addition to a military base visits Luca also traveled to schools and appeared at public events. She and Chris helped teach people about veterans issues and always offered a sympathetic ear. If anyone just wanted to talk. Chris and Luca settled into a comfortable routine. Their lives weren't so stressful now that they were no longer responsible for digging up. IEP Oh you.

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