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Ah Ha cut off your story because now we're live. It's podcast Forty two Christopher devils. I'm Sabrina Pierre. Jail Tros. I'm Laura and that's all I'm vain for the rest of the show. I know because you did a lot of talking before we went live last night. That was all I was saying for the rest of the show. Okay good I'm a cut off your mind and somebody fix the phone. I can't hear anything again so jails in studio because we got smart. Well jail got smart and I didn't get smart. We'RE GONNA set up jail like we did last week on the phone. Except we're going to do it over skype. Hopefully get better sound for him and we realized that in his county he's allowed out during the day so you can come into the studio during the day where we you know we mostly record at night and then we could have done our office episode. But it's not done being written because I have too much time off. I know all this time off I mean. Can you do any writing this weird? Because you think you would just sit down and and hit it hard. But no. There's too many distractions there's Disney plus a net flicks and the children are leaving trails of paper from their room to the kitchen. I'm not sure what that is but it happens every day and there's a lot going on nothing going on and I can't explain what did you. What did you mile to jail every day? She said every day every day. I don't understand where the paper comes from. It's like their cats and they just shred paper in the room and then stuff it in their pockets and walk around the House with it and the pockets are so full that it cats pocket. Yeah Yeah and now like many kangaroos. Oh now maybe leaving a paper trail in order to find their way back to the congressional thing but what I don't understand I have taken all the paper out of her room so I don't know where it will. Maybe she's smuggling it in smuggle it out. Maybe what was even more weird is? They're blank pieces of paper. So there's nothing on. There's nothing on them are. Is You know she mean adding them in her roots for produce? Yeah they could be writing and exactly maybe maybe. They saw the episode of the Office. Where it's wrote in urine and you had to hold it up the heat to see it. I haven't made it that far yet. The thing is I would believe you Sabrina. But it's twenty twenty and there's so many other ways to encrypt things than what we had to do in nineteen seventy with lemon juice and charcoal and is not fire stream of locked cell phones one clock. He can't be she not helping her with it because if so and they were notes they would have been folded in good ways. That's true I have some of the best note folding ways by the paper would not have been ripped up Why are you to passing full two notes at work when we had jobs? Because that's the way you communicate exactly otherwise the people know who you're talking about. Okay well I would just like to announce that right now. I am trying to new soda. Water at the don't break any more. Mike stems normally. If you listen to them you know I do the bubbly. But I've tried this new water from a rock band called Aha. I don't think the rock band did at Chris. I'm sure this the rock band water. That's why I bought it and I don't know if it's a how or if it's just hard eating after you take a sip of water and you're like the flavor of tried is orange and grapefruit. Mix begun in a day or two. And here's my review should take you no. It didn't take me on and I tried to sing to her with empty cannon her face and she didn't like that at all plus. I forgot half the word dead and I can't hit that note. He can't encourage it. At least a soda can is in your face. Sabrina that's true. There's some guys with wrenches chasing me. The greatest video ever. It is the only reason why that song is popular. It really is a whole side that it's a decent size music video made the song I would say. It's a mediocre song. It's not bad. It's not good but the video. It's the perfect. Almost their guy yar well since we're talking swatter let's open up. Jails beer cooler at this. We are the rug on your face. Jay Ellesmere coup cooler than you think. We have to sing all the songs man away. If I try to pipe the music through the speaker dashboard knocks live. I got I got quiet because I was like all right ause. I can put the last week. I was able to walk around. I mean it wasn't wearing clothes. I was just wearing that belt. We're glad you put on a shirt today. You're welcome. I mean. I recorded half that show in the bathroom too. So name we could hear from the echoes K. We put your microphone in the bathroom to make you feel more at home good. Hopefully there was to play. Well what did you bring for the author crooked brewery high stepper because nothing says I miss you than an Ip to Laura what we're GONNA do it in different? Normally we would sit it and then judge at the end. They announcing that because I wasn't prepared last week to do the rating right away. Oh sorry we do the rating right away and if you want to change your rating at the end feel free but first impressions. Sabrina I like it. That's you're GONNA say Giang Guy Ready. Why she's not the one who Moses speaking of ratings it's done on a six pack scale one being the worst sixteen the best this makes sense to everybody except for one social distance Canadian in Kissimmee so bacteria rating elegant. I was expecting so much more. And then she gives it a four. Yeah I'm waiting for it. That's going to be the highest. I think shooting to give it as a four four. Yeah 'cause always I like it and then usually like middle road. I'm going like five. Whoo GOD-LIKE FIVE ELISE. What do you like about it? Okay so I think as to me. Just remind me of grapefruit juice. What I don't know why 'cause a lot of yeah you get that little bitterness at and I personally really like grapefruit juice so I hate it. I Hate Group. You know just advocate to it. I like grapefruit juice to yeah so I don't know it's got a good flavor. Did you put a number to this. It's like it's your first show. You should pay for and I know because you're paying ten. I gotTA watch US Five. Check the chat box speaking to chat box if you'd like to Chime IN ON ANYTHING GO TO SPREAKER DOT COM slash. Podcast forty two. You'll see where we're broadcasting live. We're Laura's broken another Mike Stan. And there's a little chat bubble there you can click that and type in whatever you want and we will get that. Mic stands a little limp. They're speaking of limp. Laura what's that she broke it again. Tell me about unscrew here.

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