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Joined by two thousand. Three world rally champion at a sailboat. To view last weekend's acropolis rally a winner of the acropolis in two thousand four with the factory. Subaru team petronas. Everything there is to know about the famous rally of the gods which return to the wrc calendar for the first time since two thousand thirteen. So book was on hand to watch. Toyota's kelly rovanpera dominate the event. Leave hanoi's is tonic and championship leader us trailing in these wyche for rovanpera. The victory was his second arriving. Just eight weeks after become in the. Wrc's youngest ever winner after starring rally estonia for the championship podium in greece for oj appears to move the frenchman. A step closer to an eight. Th world title so turn out analyze the acropolis rally. We thought we should get a world champions. Take on the new flying finn rovan parer and he's masterclass performance in greece. Welcome to gravel notes petr. How very good thank you That was You know the history of an overdose is very hard. They conditions that heats the tires and the car. You know you can't get any worse than almost you know. Obviously there the weather change to very petralli part of it so it's not so much that any of us are used to at all but it was like is in places when esau sold the film so by name as great to get greece back again and by the government is involved like there are and the and the history of rallying there and for the people. Because i've also the state start on the first date in in town and we'll stay with the with the government people able fantastic atmosphere for that point of view. It's it's it's fantastic to have it back just before we dove into that that rally firstly. I just wanted to talk about today. Posted on social media that duchy sadly today the fourteen years ago we lost colin mcrae. And you post on social media. Throw very very nice. Pasta just wanted to sort of firstly touch on that. Obviously he was a team of yours. Arrival it's important to remember. People aren't cullen in isn't i. Think calling richard you know. They're i call nicole this porch and the thing is is some people you should never forget the people that have been teammates or or work with and or or in general i think good members from them and the and the fantastic drivers will champions. You'll never forget these people. Of course it's tough all the time for the for all the families and the kids push for you know about the while i for sure. Great memories from both of them. So it's and it's great to let people see that the we still always remember them. I just ask guests before we start the pocus. Actually just one question is your favorite ever rally and your favorite ever rally awe at the very tough. It's all depends on the on the decade. Been driving for a long time. But i love the ford focus to hear me really well with the subaru to austin to four it was fantastic ours all of them. I must also say that..

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