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Of my great fear that when we started this that the review would be norman lear is legacy came to a crashing ga how horrible terrible misfire of a huge people responsible yeah oh my god is never thought of that pressure the second worst thing the first thing is but this went by in four minutes freely gedj doors verse rightness is great that we that jay great yes tremendous and who are you again gloria calderon kallon's mike roy release on trying to make you a and this has been all of the above with norman lear and the pole hip yes hip you guys are great thank you for coming by everybody watch the show listen to this first then watch the yeah they can't you can't miss goodbye this live this day and night sharm norman lear and you can find me is should you wish to a new jobs you can find me on facebook instagram and twitter via norman lear and you can find me on facebook instagram and twitter paul and as you space and time give me some new to a give you still not podcast one has new shows on our new app check out all the coal features to help you explore are exciting new programming like america's lakers podcast with jay more so random wicker in olympia whose attack each day the harbaugh's podcast not just sports with susi schuster and rich eisen and sessions with randy jackson as well as you're old favorites like the lady gang steve austin shaquille o'neal and adam guerrilla get the new podcast one out in the app store google play or podcast one dot com.

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