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Children this country always takes care of its little ones there's never been a time where we could have more confidence and taking care of our little ones ex well there it's nice for them it's good republican leaders spent a lot of time talking about lifting families and carrying children talking about their own kids that's not what's happening on the southern border there the united states and that's where we begin this morning good morning and welcome to morning joe it's monday june eighteen with us we have msnbc contributor mike barnicle republican communication strategist rick tyler former aide to the george w bush white house and state departments elise jordan political writer for the new york times net confiscatory and columnist and associate of the washington post david ignatius also with us nbc news national political reporter heidi priscilla joe has the morning off but we'll be hearing from him through his tweets we've begin with the trump administration on both defending and outright denying its policy that separates migrant children from their parents at the southern border this is where we ended the show on friday and it's where we begin today because this is so unbelievably frightening what is happening and it's also frightening how little people are able to do to stand up to the president especially republicans senior policy adviser stephen miller that young men right there told the new york times quote it was a simple decision by the administration to have zero tolerance policy for illegal entry period the messages that no one is exempt from immigration law and attorney general jeff sessions says zero tolerance announcement that his zero tolerance announcement this spring that the government will prosecute all unlawful immigrants as criminals set up a situation in which children are removed when their parents are taken into federal custody a policy he reinforced himself last week if you cross the border unlawfully then we will prosecute you is that simple if you are smuggling a child then we will prosecute you and that child may be separated from you as required by law yes we are pursuing a zero tolerance prosecution policy at the border having children does not give you immunity from arrest and prosecution bringing children with you doesn't guarantee you won't get prosecute kenna policies that can result in short term separation.

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