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Center With the headlines in the News this hour. University of Maryland College Park officials say they'll name to new residence halls after former students who helped diversify the campus. One will honor Hi room Whittle and Elaine Johnson Coats. The first black man admitted to the university and the first black woman to graduate with an undergraduate degree. Another building will pay tribute to pee on sue and change in constant chin Pee on was the first Korean student to receive a degree from the University of Maryland. Chen was the first Chinese student to enroll at the college in 1915, a seven year old girl hospitalized for a gunshot wound she suffered during the shooting. Yesterday. It closed off the north bound lanes of the BW Parkway in the area of Route 4 10. U S Park police said the girl had a gunshot wound on her leg. 20 year old Alec Gary Wilbur wanted for the shooting, Baltimore city officials ramping up their efforts to increase contact tracing for covert 19. Mayor's Office of Performance and Innovation, along with the Baltimore City Health Department. Teaming up to create the Baltimore versus Covert Campaign in Sports Monday night Football. The Cincinnati Bengals handed the Pittsburgh Steelers their third straight laws. 27 17, the Baltimore Ravens, currently the A seed on the outside looking in for a playoff spot. The Ravens need to win their remaining games Sunday at home against the Giants in the following Sunday at Cincinnati. Plus, they need the Browns dolphins or indeed to lose just one game and then they're dancing. You're rather channel forecast his neck pillow. Riley here, Let me ask you something. Would you like to retire with confidence, knowing that you have a plan in place to carry you throughout your retirement years? What if there were a strategy to capture significant market games without the risk of traditional markets interested? Would you like a retirement strategy that allows you to retire with confidence without the fear of running out of money? Then please talk to her. Odd Borowy and the safe Retirement Solutions team. You could call that for 10 to 66 11 24 10 to 66 11 20 want the truth about investing in retirement? Want this stuff? Wall Street does not want to tell you, you'll find out about strategies that grow when the markets are up, but don't lose value. When the markets go down. I'm not kidding about this retirement planning is a big deal for 10 to 66 11 20. So please call the safe retirement Solutions Team and schedule your visit Today. Your exclusive Wcbm Weather channel forecast. Our weather is calm and the skies are bright at least today and tomorrow until that Arctic front brings US rain.

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