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If you heard me at the outset of the show i plunked the three in the water at the seventeen th at the tpc in the punter vedra beach where they play the players championship it looks so easy but it ain't and they actually put the flagged with a put the flag for the final round of the professional tournament and gary went for the flag three times going i felt good about it a dow down thirty six s p down to nasdaq down thirty two nasdaq down thirty three but it was much worse transports up a sixty one nice advance the clients flattened new york twelve seventeen on the nasdaq new highs i didn't really look but i think they contracted the two stories out of today a it was much worse be leading growth names found support at deferring areas of support slash moving averages today catch might drift that when i say that for today leave no doubt the big money was in this solid but got a little on the fence today but still plenty of damage in those areas the good news is other areas have stood still and we will have it all up next on this the one and only leicester's edge with srn news i'm he feeders in washington the us secret service says it doesn't have any recordings are transcripts of any tapes recorded within president donald trump's white house agencies response comes as mr trump has been coy about whether any takes exist of his private conversations with former fbi director james comey trump raised the possibility of tapes last month after firing comey.

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