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More than two hundred pounds of red meat and poultry per year. I think people in this culture eat too, many animal products. I don't tell people to become complete vegetarians. But I think it'd be very useful for most people to reduce their consumption of animal foods is very solid research showing that the more red meat that people eat the increase in all cause mortality. I think beef is a particular problem that we eat too much too much of by think we very useful for people to substitute vegetable protein for some of the animal protein such as come in beans in beans, which are wonderful foods, they're cheap. They're full of fiber vitamins. They're good sources of protein and of slow digesting Cobra hydrate, which doesn't affect blood sugar the way that products made with flour do but health recommendations like that must compete with the power of the marketplace where the primary aim is prophet not promoting our wellbeing with domestic meat consumption at one hundred billion pounds per year livestock. Production is a huge business. It would really help if the government subsidized fruits and vegetables and lowered the cost of them. You know, you go into if you're on a an Indian reservation in this country and going into grocery stores and supermarkets here. It's awful. What's available? On the way to produce. If there's there's hardly anything there. And what's there is wilted? An awful looking same thing in poor neighborhoods in this country. You know, the fact that many people can't afford fruits and vegetables on the government could easily. You can't have the government telling us eating more fruits and vegetables and at the same time, you know, working to make the cheap commodity foods available. You know, we we have made the unhealthiest foods cheapest and most available people eat, what is cheap, and what's available and vegetables and fruits or simply out of the price range of many people at the same time America has long had a strong fascination with high-end cuisine and this one is a to canal duck. And if you make one of these concoctions in a dish, which is called a -tarian infringe, it's called E Kenny, and if you unload it like this one it's usually called a pet. Say, but they're somewhat interchangeable sales of cookbooks are at an all time high and audiences for cooking shows on television are off the charts and fewer people.

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