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So when you when you think about what happens here what happens next for let's finish up talking about what happens next for spotify business as a public company how does it change and then is it business as usual and then overall silicon valley words going because you know you write about venture capitals where they all do wanna public offering some way to cash out right ultimately no now spotify investors can can there's also no lockup here so you know shareholders except for like ninety percent shareholders dipped anyway to sell assures tomorrow we could so ultimately you know now this is a company no lockup there's no lockup except for ten cent but that's just a special circumstance yes ultimately this company right why did they have a special eight cut a deal with spotify like months ago and it was part of the part of that yes ultimately now you know i think a lot of other venture capitalists and board members are in a look at this and see it as a real option right and that's the you know again in the past explain a lot that devon lockups allegedly basically the idea is that you know chaos you know if you were evan spiegel and you were taking snap public you have to hold onto your shares for some amount of time so you can't dump all your shares as soon as you're rich and call it a day yeah so it's a way it's another way to keep keep the company afloat but ultimately i think the long term impact of this is that they're going to be a lot of venture capitalists that now no they have a second option when considering the menu of things are front of them and that in itself the fact that even discussing this i think as a legitimate idea that something can do but in this case was at the investors or daniel and mary was mostly buried the investors i mean for them it doesn't mean either way it's an exit i mean i guess they can sell earlier because.

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